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Scarlet Witch Dress by Kawaii Dress Shop

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Our latest outfit of the day comes from one of my favorite Etsy stores, Kawaii Dress Shop.

They make fantastic cosplay dresses that look great, that are super comfy and that can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Click on the link above to buy. I paired it with a Scarlet Witch necklace also from Etsy. I put a crop tee under it to create sleeves. I then finished the look with fishnet tights from Snag and creepers from Amazon.

Recently, this shop has added pockets to their dresses, which is great and their spandex is super stretchy and passes the stretch see-thru test.

Happy Shopping!



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Agatha Enamel Pin

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Although “WandaVision” is done, the excitement of Phase 4 is not! To celebrate our latest wicked witch, I designed an enamel pin for Agatha and her hit song, “Agatha All Along”.

This pin is a full-color enamel pin that is a 1.25 inch square with a silver base.

I have a limited number of these pins in the In Plain Sight Store for $10.95.

If you can’t make up your mind, then I have a pin bundle with our ducky logo pin, gelantinous cube pin and the Agatha pin for $25.95.

As always, with every order you get a toy surprise!

Click here to order.

Happy shopping!



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Agatha Harkness Cosplay

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My latest cosplay is Agatha Harkness from “WandaVision”. I put this together exclusively using Amazon products. I’ll attached the links below.

I love the dress so much! I will be wearing this to everyday events as well as taking this cosplay out. The fabric is nice and stretchy and true-to-size.

The brooch required a lot of searching, but I finally found a cameo with the Three Sisters on it from Amazon.

The wig is actually a Snow White wig, but it really is perfect for Agatha.

Grand total for the entire cosplay with shoes and petticoat was only $91.17! This cosplay is also size-inclusive, so get out there and start cosplaying!



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Outfit of the Day: WandaVision Tee and Agatha Pin

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For our latest outfit of the day, I purchased a cute WandaVision tee by Her Universe, but I had to think a bit to decide how to style it.

First, it has a very 50’s atomic age graphic on it, but pairing it with a circle skirt just didn’t seem quite right to me.

So, I thought, “How would Wanda style this?” and then I knew. Let’s go 80’s goth with it!

So, I put on the tee by Her Universe for Hot Topic and paired it with a velvet skater skirt from Hot Topic. I put on some fishnets from Snag and my Doc Martens with it.

We had a little cold weather left over from winter here, so I put on my Wanda cosplay jacket. To finish up the look, I put on the Store’s Agatha pin. Click on links to shop!

I think I might also work on a rockabilly look for this tee. I really love it. The design is just so good!

Until next time…



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Fashion Alert- WandaVision Make-up from Ulta

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WandaVision the series might be done, but not the fantastic products!

I’ve got lots of Wanda goodies coming up, the first of which is a new make-up line from Ulta.

There are a pile of goodies to choose from. I chose the brush set, make-up bag and eyeshadow palettes.

The Brush Set

These brushes are fantastic! Besides being very lush and gorgeous to look at, they are great brushes. I especially love the flat-ended highlighter brush. Made my highlighter go on perfectly. The case comes with the set and it is a great size to tuck into your bag for on-the-go touch-ups.

The Make-Up Bag

I absolutely love this make-up bag! Pretty much my favorite from the collection. It is a perfect size to pack your stuff for a trip. The Wanda logo is beautiful, and I’m in love with the color.

The Eyeshadow Palettes

Lastly, I got the eyeshadow palettes from the “vault”. There is a small palette for the 50’s and 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s and 90’s. The colors are super pigmented and great to mix and match to create your own look. There was a little fall-out in the pan and on my face, so put down some powder for that. Other than that, for $20, you can’t go wrong with them. The colors are really nice and wearable for day and/or night.

Buy your own pieces from Ulta here. Happy shopping!



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Outfit of the Day: WandaVision Bound

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Our latest outfit of the day is inspired by “WandaVision”, which starts streaming tomorrow on Disney+. I cannot be more excited for this show! We’ve waited almost two years for new Marvel content, and the time has finally come.

I took my inspiration from Wanda’s uniform colors or red and black and gave them a 50’s bend with a “new look” silhouette.

Once I got the color story together with the look itself, I added brooches to accessorize.

But, not just any brooches, I added witch-themed brooches to tie the whole look together. I also threw in a couple of 50’s themed pins for fun.

The dress is from Amazon. The belt, petticoat and beret are also from Amazon. Pins are all from Wish. Purse is vintage.

Happy shopping and viewing!