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Keith Haring Exhibit at The Broad

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I recently got to attend the “Art is for Every Body” exhibit at The Broad in downtown LA. Keith Haring is my favorite artist of all time, and it was so amazing to see his work in real life and up close. My OOTD is mostly from Amazon, with a dress from Target. Shopping links below.

Beret- Amazon

Dress- Target

Tie- Amazon

Leg Warmers- Amazon

Crocs- Amazon



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Outfit of the Day: Marvel Rockabilly Look

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For our latest outfit of the day, I had a great t-shirt that I got at Target, but wanted to do something fun and new with it.

You guys have probably noticed that Target has some really amazing tees, but they are only available in bigger sizes in the Men’s Department. So, tee surgery is needed to make them look good on a woman’s body.

I decided to do the usual tee surgery of removing the neck from the tee. After that, I thought about pairing it with some items to create a rockabilly look with it.

I took a pencil skirt from Forever 21, retro stretch belt from Amazon and a bandana headband from Five Below. That with my trusty Converse slip ons. Lipstick in “Darcy” from our store.

Click here for tee surgery instructions and click on links to buy.

Happy Shopping!



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Outfit of the Day: Hogwarts House Robes by Our Universe

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Our latest outfit of the day comes from Our Universe, the unisex branch of Her Universe.

They recently began producing pieces for their Harry Potter collection.  They started with dress, then moved on to these great casual cosplay robes/hoodies.


The robes are available by clicking on this link.  I linked the Harry Potter page so you can pick the Hogwarts house you want.

The hoodies are super comfy and soft.  They are not heavy and cumbersome like the robes sold in the park, but they do include the crest for your house, the house colors and a pointy hood and most importantly, a wand pocket!


My boyfriend also got one and loves his, so they are great for guys as well.


I’m so glad that Her Universe keeps fulfilling the desires of geeks everywhere.  I also applaud calling this line Our Universe rather than, His Universe.  When the company was started, remember this was before women and girl geeks had any choices in geek wear, so for now the name “Her Universe” is very important.  However, I believe that eventually the whole company will be called Our Universe and do away with traditional gendered labels.

The other pieces I have on include a very old Target dress that is no longer available, but I found a similar one here.  My bat belt is from Kreepsville 666.  The button and necklace are from Wish.  The light-up wand is from Amazon.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Benji

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Find It Here: Halloween Decor

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It is finally, FINALLY Halloween decorating time!


Well, to be honest, I decorated the last weekend in September, but for most normal people, it is time to decorate for Halloween.

Here are some great pictures of our Halloween decor and some shopping links to peruse and buy some great decor for your own lair.

The moon “wreath” is from Spirit Halloween.  The black dragon is from Big Lots.  The little green one is from Michael’s.  The cauldrons, broom and doormat are also from Spirit Halloween.  The funkins are from Michael’s.

The items on the mantel are mostly from Target, but some are from Michael’s and Dollar Tree.  The ghost light, bat light and reaper figure are from Target.


The google eye figures, cauldron and witch hat light are from Target.  The glitter pumpkins and velvet pumpkin are both from Michael’s.

Not all items are available anymore, so our shopping links are to each store’s Halloween Store pages so you can go from there.  If I find specific links, I will put them in the picture descriptions above for you.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Benji