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Product Launch: Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize any outfit. There are so many types and shapes of sunglasses, but what are the wardrobe staples that any nerd should have when building a bound or everyday cosplay?

Cat Eye

Cat The first shape is the cat eye. This is the shape I prefer, and I feel looks good on any shaped face. Cat eye shaped sunglasses are a great addition to any vintage, retro, pin-up or rockabilly look that you are building.

I am proud to launch a new product in the store, cat eye sunglasses. These sunglasses are a cat eye shape with a black matte finish. They feature the ducky logo in white.

I’ve been road-testing these for a couple of months now. The logo has proven to be water and sweat proof, non-fading and it is staying put.

Our sunglasses are only $14.95 and available today in the store. Just click the shop tab at the top of the page or click here.

But, what if you aren’t building a 50’s-era look? Or, if you want a more traditionally masculine frame? Well, here are a couple of additional shapes for sunglasses that work for any gender identity and in additional eras.

Wayfair Style

This shape is truly timeless. I’ve also found that they look great with any shape face. The added bonus is that you can find them in any color or print you can imagine. Click here to shop some.

Aviator Style

This shape is also timeless. Invented for aviators (hence, the name), they can be a little masculine-looking, but they look great on any gender identity or face shape. The color choice is a bit limited, but they are very lightweight and comfy. Click here for some nice ones.

Regardless of what shape you go with, you cannot go wrong with a pair of sunglasses to accessorize your new look. I hope that you’ll give our shades a try!

Happy Shopping!



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Wardrobe Solutions: Tube/Pencil Skirt

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Our latest outfit of the day also features a great wardrobe solution- the tube or pencil skirt.

This skirt can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe as a staple. How to wear it?

Well, the new trend of cropped shirts is a great way to wear this skirt. As you can see from the pictures, I took an awesome graphic tee from Forever 21 Plus and paired it with a tube skirt, also from Forever 21 Plus.

I have a couple of tees that I purchased recently that are cropped. While I like the fit, I also don’t really like to bare my midriff. This skirt is super high-waisted, so that solves the problem nicely.

This skirt is a staple of both rockabilly looks as well as 80’s inspired looks.

Click on links above to shop this look.

The sunglasses are coming to the store this Thursday, the 25th! These shades are a great cat-eye shape with a matte finish and feature our ducky logo. I’ve been road-testing these for the past couple months and the logo has proven to be water/sweat proof, has not faded at all and has stayed put.

Get your own pair this Thursday for only $14.95! Just click on the shop link at the top of the page.

Happy Shopping!