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Scarlet Witch Dress from Her Universe

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Even though we had to have Comic Con from home again this year, Her Universe still dropped some new merch on us. I had the opportunity to pick up this Scarlet Witch dress…

It is very similar to the Disney Dress Shop dresses that Her Universe has designed. Difference is that this dress goes up to 5xl. Bad news is that this runs very small, so despite getting a 4 when I usually get a 3, it was still a bit tight.

My other gripe, and then I’ll stop, is that the fabric choices made (both for this dress and Disney Dress Shop) aren’t very soft. I’d like to see them go with a softer stretch fabric. There are plenty of fabrics that will hold their shape.

The dress is cute though. It can be dressed up or down, which I really like. I do love how they are making more formal dress less stuffy.

Grab your own dress here. Go up a size though.

My denim jacket is from Target. The pins are from my store and various cons. Click on links to buy.

Happy Shopping!




Kim Henderson McAndrew, author of the book "In Plain Sight: Using Everyday Cosplay To Express Your Inner Superhero". She loves nerdy fashion, everyday cosplay in particular. Her main fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.

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