Fashion Alert- The Disney Store

I was at The Disney Store yesterday and they have Star Wars and Marvel t-shirts in ladies’ sizes up to 2XL!  They have a variety of styles, a few are pictured here:

all shirts

Not one mention of a superhero saving you or a superhero husband or boyfriend in the bunch either, which is refreshing.  I snagged a couple of these.  I have been looking for a ladies Cap Shield t-shirt for basically forever.  I’m wearing a 2XL.  It is fitted, but not overly tight.  The sleeves are just right and don’t ride up.  I love the neckline that is lower and bears no resemblance to a guy’s shirt.  This is a ladies t-shirt and looks it.  I do wish it were a little longer for taller ladies and if you want to wear it with leggings, but hey, ladies nerd shirts that are sized for all of us!  I’ll take it.  Here’s how I styled mine today:

jacketno jacket

I wore my brown leather jacket because as you all know, Cap is never without his brown leather jacket!  Jacket is from Lane Bryant.

Here is the link to the shirt:

I paired this with skinny jeans from the Rebel Wilson collection for Torrid.  Here are close-ups of my accessories:

belt bucklebelt detailjewelry

The earrings are from Hot Topic and the necklace from Stella and Dot.  The belt is by Buckle Down.  Links to shopping below.  Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Kim began immersing herself in the world of Cosplay after divorcing from her husband and realizing she lacked a sense of community or support system. So, she sought out to meet new friends, and in the process, she was introduced to the magical world of costume play. Over time, Kim started to realize that the more she allowed herself to indulge, the more confident and positive she became.

While a lover of the occasional screen-accurate cosplay, Kim used her unique style and love of certain fandoms to create every looks to honor superheroes ‘in plain sight’. Over time, friends and fellow cosplayers started encouraging her to publish a guide to help others learn how to do the same. So, in 2016, she launched, an all-ages geek/nerd fashion, mash-up cosplay, bounding and lifestyle blog with an emphasis on body confidence and body positivity.

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