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“I Feel Pretty”- A Movie Everyone Should See!

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The kiddo and I had the opportunity to go see “I Feel Pretty” the other night with some friends.  We were unanimous in our review.  We all loved it!

The movie had such a powerful message about body-confidence and body-positivity, that I think everyone should go see this.

A quick plot synopsis, Amy Schumer’s character, Renee Bennett, is working at Lili LeClare Cosmetics for the online shopping site.  Unfortunately, the company does not feel that the online workers merit offices at the headquarters, but a small windowless office in Chinatown far and away from 5th Avenue.  Renee does like her job working in the cosmetics industry, but really wants “a seat at the table”, even if that table is the receptionist at Lili LeClare.  That job is a dream come true for her, not because it is challenging or even more money (it is a pay cut and obviously doesn’t utilize her skills at all), but it is a validation.  If you are allowed to answer their phones, then you “belong”.  You are valued.  However, feeling as bad about herself and Renee does, she won’t even try for the open receptionist job.


Renee does not sit around feeling sorry for herself.  She is trying to make herself “better” by working out.  So, off she goes to Soul Cycle.  She is pedaling away really making the effort.  Well, her bike breaks, throws her on the ground where she hits her head very hard.  When she wakes up, she looks in the mirror and looks the exact same…to us, but she sees something completely different.  She sees a beautiful woman.


With the new body confidence and body positivity, she applies and gets the receptionist job.  She meets a cute guy at the dry cleaners.  Gives him her number without hesitation.  She enters a bikini contest and loses, but who cares, free drinks and an appetizer!  So worth it!

I’ll let you find out the rest when you go see the flick, but I really enjoyed this movie.  It was fantastic.  Her confidence and positivity ARE the magic.  People react differently to her after she thinks she’s suddenly smoking hot.  She looks the same, it is her energy and attitude.  Self-love for the win!


Before you think, “Oh this is all about overweight women are pretty too and eff those skinny bitches.” NOPE!  For starters, Amy Schumer is not overweight.  She is a nice healthy size and pretty.  Secondly, she befriends another lady at the Soul Cycle class that is a fashion model, so she is thin, tall, the fashion ideal.  She gets dumped by her boyfriend.  She has body image issues.  So, this movie does not fat-shame or skinny-shame.  We are all trying to recapture that body confidence and positivity that helps us live our best lives.  The women in this film support and encourage each other, but they also each have their own struggles with body image and positivity (the woman with the high squeaky voice that is far from stupid; she has an MBA).

My final thoughts on this movie are that I really loved that I saw several groups of guys at this movie, not just girl squads.  I also saw a variety of ages represented in the audience.  We all showed up for a funny movie (and it was!), but left with a huge dose of positivity.  I hope you go get your dose soon.

Love, Kim and Scout

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