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Halloween Costume Idea: Yelena

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Hey guys! I recently put together a Yelena bound, but realized that it was really a costume if you add a wig. So here is the look so you can shop it.

The jacket is from Target. The cropped tee is from Old Navy. It really is the perfect sized tee and the perfect length. I love these so much!

The arrow necklace is Natasha’s, I know, but I like the way it added to this look. Got it at Amazon. The leggings and boots also from Amazon. Click on links to buy. Lastly, the pin is from Avengers Campus.

Happy Shopping!




Kim Henderson McAndrew, author of the book "In Plain Sight: Using Everyday Cosplay To Express Your Inner Superhero". She loves nerdy fashion, everyday cosplay in particular. Her main fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.

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