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Con Season Has Begun: Don’t Panic!

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Looking at the calendar this morning, I realized that WonderCon is only two months away!  Wow!  That went by fast!  So, in preparation for con season, which is upon us, we thought we would share some cosplay tips and sources with you.

When we reviewed our cosplays that have not yet been worn at a con, we had eight, EIGHT, that we have prepped but not taken to a con yet.  You know you have a problem when…

We have some great stuff to share at WonderCon in Anaheim with you all!

Meantime, let your cosplay planning begin!

Cosplay Sky

Cosplay Sky is one of my favorite sites.  If you want to have a cosplay made for you and you don’t have a gazillion dollars, this site has what you want.  They custom make their pieces according to your measurements.

Another way to use this site is for reference pictures.  They show the costume pieces in great detail, so it will help you build your own cosplay without having to find the perfect still from a movie or tv show online.

I used pictures of their Wanda cosplay to put together my own Scarlet Witch, and this Cap cosplay looks great!

Black Leather Jacket

Speaking of my Scarlet Witch cosplay, I got my Wanda jacket from Black Leather Jacket and LOVE it!  They also make their pieces from your measurements, and I plan on ordering more from them in the near future.  A couple of friends of mine have also used this site and loved the results.  Here are some pics of my jacket in action:



Here it is for my Emma Swan cosplay:



Does your cosplay need basic black boots, generic jeans or an easy-to-find prop?  Then start with Amazon and save some money.  Get those basic pieces (for example, my Emma Swan cosplay needed a Sheriff’s star, got it on Amazon for about five bucks).  Spend your money on the screen accurate specific items that you need for the cosplay, like Wanda’s red jacket or Cap’s shield or Anakin’s lightsaber.  You can also see if they have specific costume items as well.  We got Scout’s Hawkeye bow and arrow set on Amazon for a new cosplay she’s doing at SDCC.  It even folds like his.  So, you never know.


Looking for something vintage?  Then Ebay might be able to help.  My Starlord Walkman for example.  Looks just like his and cost me 20 bucks on Ebay.


If you need something very specific and don’t want to buy an entire cosplay, then Etsy can usually help.  Back to my Wanda cosplay, the necklaces were the last thing I needed.  Got exact replicas on Etsy.


Shields are actually amazingly easy to come by.  They range in price from fairly inexpensive (around 99 bucks) to crazy expensive (close to 400 bucks), but good shields can be found at Cosplay Sky, Etsy and Toys R Us.  Skip the Halloween costume shields.  Those are about 35 bucks and are really flimsy and awful.  Pony up a little more for a good shield.  Make Cap proud!

Our Find It Here Guide

We update our Find It Here Guide all the time.  When we come across a great site for geek/nerd fashion or cosplay or well, anything geek related really; we will put that site up so you can enjoy it, too.  Always check back there for updates.

Until then, happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout


Kim Henderson McAndrew, author of the book "In Plain Sight: Using Everyday Cosplay To Express Your Inner Superhero". She loves nerdy fashion, everyday cosplay in particular. Her main fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.

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