raisingaheronotavillain is now InPlainSight.style!

We have made a big change to the site, in case you haven’t noticed already!

We didn’t come to the decision to change the name lightly, but because it was so long, Benji is being raised pretty well so far and we wanted to change our focus a bit, we decided to make the leap.  We really wanted to focus on everyday living as a nerd.

How to integrate your fandoms into your everyday life.  Not with just everyday cosplay, which is fun to wear for sure, but also more subtle ways, bounding, dapper looks, pin-up style and the like.


We hope you like the update!  Please share your thoughts with us.  We love to hear from you!

Love, Kim and Benji

Wonderful photos by Justin Davidson Photography!  Click on the link to book him today!

Our First Podcast!

We were so excited to participate in the Social Justice Warrior Princess Podcast recently.

Please give a listen here.

I have attached the accompanying pictures for your reference as well.  Enjoy!

_JDP6267-GotG 2 Edit
Photo: Justin Davidson Photography
Photo: Justin Davidson Photography
Photo: Justin Davidson Photography


Photo: York In A Box
Photo: Justin Davidson Photography

Love, Kim and Scout