Outfit of the Day #11: Han Solo

For our eleventh outfit of the day, I went with everyone’s favorite nerfherder, Han Solo.

I saw Episode Four when I was nine years old.  I liked Han immediately, even if I had no idea what having a crush was.  I had one nonetheless.

My first outfit is a great uniform dress from Her Universe.


I’m wearing a 3X in this dress as this dress tends to run small.  I’m a size 18/20.  It is super stretchy and includes sleeves, which I love.  No need to layer with a sweater or anything.  Just throw on some boots and you are good to go!

The second outfit features leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing.  I wear these constantly!  I absolutely love the fit that Gold Bubble has with all of their pieces.  The details are great and the construction and spandex they use is durable and fashionable.  They also pass the bend over see-thru test.  Yes, even their white leggings!  I’m wearing an XL.


For everyday, I pair these leggings with my trusty boots and some black and white tops very Han-ish.  I also wear my Falcon necklace from Hot Topic.

These leggings are also featured in my Han Solo cosplay.

Star Wars 4

Here’s hoping this will awaken your fashion force!  See what I did there…


All pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

Love, Kim and Scout

Captain America: Civil War Fashion

OK, today’s the day!  Finally, “Captain America: Civil War” opens in theatres!  As firm members of Team Cap, and  Cap obsessed individuals in general, both Scout and I are super stoked!  Scout and I have tickets for tomorrow and Sunday (best Mother’s Day EVER!).  We will have our thoughts to share at a later date, but until that time, let’s look at some Cap fashions and cosplay, shall we?

First up is the uniform dress I’m wearing to the movie.


This dress is from Think Geek.  Get it here.  I’m wearing a 2x.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.

I love this kind of easy everyday cosplay.  You can express your fandom with comfort.

One Marvel dress that Scout and I both have is from Hot Topic.  Get it here.


Scout is wearing a Small and I’m wearing an XL.  This dress goes all the way up to 3X.

In addition to everyday cosplay, Scout and I both like to cosplay Cap.

Scout started young cosplaying Cap and our first duo cosplay we wore our Cap poodle skirts.

This year’s WonderCon, I finally got to cosplay Cap with a custom made corset from Castle Corsetry, but the first day, I cosplayed a casual Civil War Cap.

Contact Castle Corsetry for information about your own cosplay dreams!

Photos by Justin Davidson Photography


All pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

So, tomorrow we are off to the movies.  I hope you guys all have your tickets.  More on our thoughts on the movie later!  Go Team Cap!!!

cap pocket

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #1

We interupt Cap Week for May the 4th Be With You!  In honor of Star Wars Day, please enjoy our very first Outfit of the Day and May the Force Be With You!

Our first Outfit of the Day post features one of our favorite sites, goldbubbleclothing.com.

_JDP4737 _JDP4763

As you can imagine, we got a lot of use out of these dresses during the month of December, which became an unofficial Star Wars month.

Scout Jedi  Us and Vader

You can buy the dress here.

There are also leggings available in black and grey.  I’m trying to resist the urge to buy them, but if you know me at all, I’ll have these soon for sure!  Leggings are here and here.

Scout is wearing a small and I’m wearing an XL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  The fit of both the dresses and leggings are fantastic!  Lots of stretch, but still lots of structure in the design.  The fabrics are thick enough that there isn’t a see-through issue, even with the white fabric.  The leggings are also long, so tall girls can wear them too.  The waist on the leggings is also a natural rise and not a low rise, so you don’t have to constantly tug them back up all day.  Gold Bubble’s pieces also last forever.  I have no problem with Scout wearing these to school. With all the playground mayhem, her Gold Bubble pieces still look great.  I have leggings in regular wardrobe rotation and a year later, they still look like new.

If you like the top two photos, Justin Davidson took those for this blog.  You can check out his website and book him here:


Happy Shopping and May the Force Be With You!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #2

Because “Captain America: Civil War” is opening this week, I thought these great Tony Stark everyday cosplays deserved a second look.  HOWEVER, Scout and I remain Team Cap forever!!!

For my Outfit of the Day #2, I chose one of my favorite new jackets.  Justin Davidson Photography took some fun shots of the jacket with props for this blog.


For everyday styling, I styled the jacket this way:


The shirt dress is from Torrid as are the boots, but if you are not a plus size, then Forever 21 has similar dresses in standard sizing.  Here is how I accessorized the outfit:


The Stark-esque glasses are $10 cheapies from Walmart.  Just get some aviators pretty much anywhere.  The earrings are from Hot Topic.  The necklace is a find from the Geek Boutique at Brave New World Comics.  I found something similar on Etsy.  Buy it here.

This jacket was designed for an Age of Ultron collection sold at Hot Topic by one of the winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show that took place during San Diego Comic Con.  The winners designed such a great collection.  I will feature more of the pieces on RAHNOV soon.  Until then, happy shopping!  Links are below.

Love, Kim and Scout





Why I Love Pokemon By Scout, Age 10

*Scout’s Mommy here.  This is Scout’s first blog post written completely by her with no assistance from her Mommy.  Any positive feedback she receives will be greatly appreciated!

Scout has arrived in the Calos Region!


Pokemon is a great card game, but is great to collect too. I used to play it, but now I just collect and trade them with my best friend.  Also,the Pokemon show  is pretty good.  I’m not a huge anime fan, but for some reason I love this show!

I started liking pokemon because no girls were playing it.  So, I wanted to inspire other girls to like it too, even though boys thought that it was only their thing.


I got the leggings from Living Dead Clothing. I got the character dress, Pikachu skirt, backpack and necklace from Hot Topic.  Avengers/Pokemon t-shirt from Red Bubble.  Click on the links to buy your own.

That is why I love Pokemon!

Until next time!

Love, Kim and Scout

Her Universe Fitness Wear

My last post was about my fitness journey, so I thought I would test some of the latest fitness wear from Her Universe so you can get some of this gear and get started on your own fitness journey.

The collection is available in both standard and plus sizes.  All the same pieces, not a limited number of pieces for plus sizes, which is usually the case for us plus size ladies.  I love how Her Universe includes geeks of all sizes.  They always have.  One downside is that the plus sizes are only available online, but you can’t get everything you want!

OK, so I desperately needed some new workout wear, so the minute this collection hit the web, being the Marvel girl I am, I pounced.  I’m happy to report that the quality is outstanding, the past sizing problems that Her Universe has had (uneven sizing and everything tended to run small), has been corrected and the price point just can’t be beat!

Alrighty then!  Here are some pics of what I got.  The first is a Cap outfit:

I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  I bought everything in a 2X.  Everything was true to size and actually, even a little big (thanks, Nerdstrong Gym!)  A couple of nitpicks about the collection that I do have is that none of the leggings I purchased passed the bend-over test, so nude undies will be required.  The sportsbras also aren’t super supportive.  They are super cute, so I layered with a supportive sportsbra, but that might be too many layers for you.  The tank tops are all longish, which is fantastic (helps with those see-thru issues).  The fabrics are all super-soft and the spandex is super stretchy.  All in all, I am very happy with the outfits I got.  Here are some more pics of the outfits I got and some close up of the details on the clothes.

Pick up your own gear here.

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

*Lead photo: Kohl’s

Outfit of the Day #10: I Might Even Go Dancing, Part Two

To continue with club and/or date wear, I went with a couple of new favorite outfits of mine.  The first are some fabulous mermaid leggings from Castle Corsetry.  Get some of your own here.

I’m wearing a XXL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  Castle Corsetry items are hand made and the attention to detail and the quality really shine through in all of their pieces.  The fabric is shiny, but super soft and stretchy.  Not see-thru at all.  The rise is a natural rise, so leggings stay where they are supposed to.

I like to pair these with a pair or boots and a t-shirt.  Basically, add some fun jewelry and you are good to go on a date or to the club for some dancing or both!

My other new favorite going out on the town outfit is this dress from Living Dead Clothing.  Get it here.

I’m wearing an XL in this dress.  Like other dresses from Living Dead, leggings or biker shorts are needed because their dresses are super short.  They do have some long skater dresses, but most of the dresses are this length. Pair your dress with a pop of color from a leather jacket or cardigan and you are good to go!

Like I said before, I just need to find a date…

Next time, WonderCon recap!

Love, Kim and Scout