Outfit of the Day #15: Gold Bubble Cap

SDCC updates coming soon, but until then…

For our fifteenth outfit of the day, I wanted to shine a spotlight on one of my favorite websites for great geekwear, Gold Bubble Clothing.

You already know that Cap is my favorite superhero, so this Cap wear from Gold Bubble is just the ticket for me!


Get these fabulous leggings here.  I styled them with a red tank, tall boots (always!) and my Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. t-shirt from The Marvel Experience.  Just like all of their leggings, the spandex is super strong and thick.  Passes the bend-over test.  The waist sits naturally, so you aren’t tugging them up all day.  Also, long enough for taller ladies to wear.  I wear an XL in their stuff and I’m a size 18/20 for reference.

My next Cap outfit from Gold Bubble is the Cap dress.  This is one of the favorite pieces in my closet.

I love the fit and flair design of this dress!  It is, as Scout would say, super twirly, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?  I paired this with the usual leggings and tall boots with a red shrug I got off of Amazon.  The bag, while not accurate (there’s an extra ring there), but it is super cute.  Got it in the boys’ department at Target.

Buy your own dress here.  Again, I’m wearing an XL.

We’ll post from SDCC soon, but until then, happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

Leggings, Which Are Totally Pants!

If you know me for more than five minutes, you know I love me some leggings!  I have countless pairs of them and sport them on the regular.

I can stop whenever I want!

What I really love about them, besides the comfort factor, is that leggings are a great way to express your fandom while really showcasing your legs and booty.

Now, having said that, there are some that don’t feel that leggings should be worn as pants.  Meaning, you must have something over the top of them, like a skirt.  I say, “Nay” to this, as leggings are totally pants!

When you buy a new pair of leggings, you must do the “bend over” see-thru test to see how long your top should be or if you should actually pair them with a skirt or a pair of shorts.  Not all leggings are created equal.  Some are paper-thin and some, which I will give you a link to the sites, are nice thick spandex, durable and hold their shape.  Not to mention the cut is long enough for tall ladies and the waist stays put.

So, how do you style leggings?  Well, because they are tight, a top that is more loose fitting is great.  If they have a print, I try to keep the top solid.  With the solid top, I accessorize with long necklaces.  Jackets are also great when it is colder out.  As for shoes, tall boots are always a great idea.  Boots of any length go great with leggings.  I also like to pair mine with high top sneaks as well.  Here are some of my favorite leggings outfits.


The leggings are from Gold Bubble, one of my favorite clothing companies. I’m wearing an XL and I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  The necklace is from Hot Topic.

These leggings are from Living Dead Clothing.  I’m wearing a XXL. Widow shirt from Her Universe.  Photobomb courtesy of Scout.

These mermaid leggings and my Cap leggings are from Castle Corsetry.  I’m wearing a XXL.

I highly recommend the leggings from all three of these companies.  The fit is good, they are plus size inclusive, the spandex is thick and durable, the cut and fit are fantastic.

I did get a comment once from someone that said, “I wish I could wear leggings.”  I asked her what she meant because as far as I could tell, she had legs to put them on.  She said because she is a plus-size, she can’t wear leggings.  I told her she is the boss of her and CAN wear leggings if she wants to.  My usual sarcasm aside, I know some people are wary of going out in leggings.  I used to be as well.  Body confidence and positivity is not always an easy thing to have.  I have my bad days as well.  Example, I was very self-conscious of wearing my Cap cosplay without the long shirt to hide behind.  Ironically, this isn’t the cosplay that shows the most skin, but we hear and see people body shamed regularly on social media and in the press.  It has an effect that cannot be denied.  So, there I am, legs just “there” for all to see.  You know what?  I really like that picture.  I look pretty.  I was honored to wear this cosplay and will always be honored to wear that cosplay.  Castle Corsetry made that for me and it is just so perfect!  My legs are strong.  They literally take me places.  I go to the gym and work them out regularly.  Yep, they are plus size just like the rest of me.  This is what I look like.  Period.

When you express yourself through fashion, you automatically feel better.  Reason being is that you are telling the world who you are.  What you are about.  This is me!  Living out loud.  Easier said than done, right?  I get it, but I challenge you to move out of that comfort zone and see what happens.  I bet good things come about.  Keep me posted.

So, send us some pics in your favorite leggings!  We love comments and pictures from you guys!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout


Outfit of the Day #14: Once Upon a Time

Now that the tv season has ended, we thought for our fourteenth outfit of the day, to look at Once Upon a Time fashion and everyday cosplay.

Scout and I have our two versions of Emma cosplay that we like to rock.  I’m Storybrooke Emma and Scout is Neverland Emma:

Photo: Justin Davidson Photography
Photo: Justin Davidson Photography

Cosplaying from this great show is a lot of fun, but there are also everyday cosplay or bounding options available as well.

I incorporated Emma’s leather jacket aka her armor (as we learned last season) into both outfits.  Here is the first:

I used my cosplay jacket from Black Leather Jacket, get one of your own here.  The tank is from Hot Topic.  Get it here.  So I gave this everyday cosplay a fun touch with the addition of the Captain Guyliner shirt.  I further accessorized with this Once Upon a Time book necklace from Etsy.  Get it here.


My second outfit still has the feel of the leather jacket, but is way more comfortable in this warm weather.

The shrug is from Amazon.  Get it here.  The tank from Hot Topic.  Get it here.  I accessorized with the same necklace on a longer chain.  Pair these looks with Emma’s signature jeans and tall boots and you have some great Storybrooke worthy bounding.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout


Outfit of the Day #13: Captain Phasma Jacket

For our 13th (wow, already up to 13!) outfit of the day, Scout and I went with the new Captain Phasma jacket from Her Universe and Hot Topic.

This jacket is part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection, which was designed by the two winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show last year at SDCC.  Of all the pieces, this jacket was far and away the best piece of the collection.

Scout and I styled the jacket with black pleather leggings and a black t-shirt for Scout and a red t-shirt for me.  Tall boots complete the look.  I added my AT-AT necklace as well.

The jacket has a lot going on with it as far as details, so keeping the accessories simple is a great way to go.

The fit is true-to-size, and the best news is that the plus sizes are available at Hot Topic now along with the standard sizes.  No waiting several months to have them made available in extended sizes.  Bad news is that the plus sizes are only available on the website.  I’m wearing a 3XL and Scout is wearing a small.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  I went up a size so I could zip it all the way up if I wanted to.


Check out the entire Force Awakens collection here.  Buy your own jacket in standard size here.  Buy a jacket in plus size here.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #12: Elhoffer Design Cap Dress

For our 12th outfit of the day, we wanted to feature a dress I had made by the fantastic Elhoffer Design.  I really had no choice but to get this dress, honestly.  It is so beautiful, not to mention comfortable and functional (pockets!).

Some of my favorite parts of the dress, besides the pockets, are the hood, which is such a great detail!  The fabrics used are super soft and comfy, but keep their shape.  She made the dress long enough that I don’t have to wear leggings with it, which means I can wear this dress year-round.  The sleeves are also long enough and flattering.  The cut of the dress is also super flattering.  The dress is Cap bounding for sure, but the stripes and how they are placed on the dress really cinches in your waist in a great way.  Most of all, she is all sizes inclusive!

I accessorized with a brooch/pendant I got on Amazon.com and red Chuck Taylors from Converse.  Maximum comfort for going to see Civil War.  I got dozens and dozens of compliments on this beautiful dress.

Order this Marvelous (see what I did there?) dress from Elhoffer Design here.

Please check out some of her other designs below and happy shopping!



Love, Kim and Scout

*All pictures not of me are Elhoffer Design


Outfit of the Day #11: Han Solo

For our eleventh outfit of the day, I went with everyone’s favorite nerfherder, Han Solo.

I saw Episode Four when I was nine years old.  I liked Han immediately, even if I had no idea what having a crush was.  I had one nonetheless.

My first outfit is a great uniform dress from Her Universe.


I’m wearing a 3X in this dress as this dress tends to run small.  I’m a size 18/20.  It is super stretchy and includes sleeves, which I love.  No need to layer with a sweater or anything.  Just throw on some boots and you are good to go!

The second outfit features leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing.  I wear these constantly!  I absolutely love the fit that Gold Bubble has with all of their pieces.  The details are great and the construction and spandex they use is durable and fashionable.  They also pass the bend over see-thru test.  Yes, even their white leggings!  I’m wearing an XL.


For everyday, I pair these leggings with my trusty boots and some black and white tops very Han-ish.  I also wear my Falcon necklace from Hot Topic.

These leggings are also featured in my Han Solo cosplay.

Star Wars 4

Here’s hoping this will awaken your fashion force!  See what I did there…


All pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

Love, Kim and Scout

Captain America: Civil War Fashion

OK, today’s the day!  Finally, “Captain America: Civil War” opens in theatres!  As firm members of Team Cap, and  Cap obsessed individuals in general, both Scout and I are super stoked!  Scout and I have tickets for tomorrow and Sunday (best Mother’s Day EVER!).  We will have our thoughts to share at a later date, but until that time, let’s look at some Cap fashions and cosplay, shall we?

First up is the uniform dress I’m wearing to the movie.


This dress is from Think Geek.  Get it here.  I’m wearing a 2x.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.

I love this kind of easy everyday cosplay.  You can express your fandom with comfort.

One Marvel dress that Scout and I both have is from Hot Topic.  Get it here.


Scout is wearing a Small and I’m wearing an XL.  This dress goes all the way up to 3X.

In addition to everyday cosplay, Scout and I both like to cosplay Cap.

Scout started young cosplaying Cap and our first duo cosplay we wore our Cap poodle skirts.

This year’s WonderCon, I finally got to cosplay Cap with a custom made corset from Castle Corsetry, but the first day, I cosplayed a casual Civil War Cap.

Contact Castle Corsetry for information about your own cosplay dreams!

Photos by Justin Davidson Photography


All pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

So, tomorrow we are off to the movies.  I hope you guys all have your tickets.  More on our thoughts on the movie later!  Go Team Cap!!!

cap pocket

Love, Kim and Scout