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New My Little Pony Make-up

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To celebrate the big screen release of “My Little Pony” the movie, Ulta has an exclusive eyeshadow palette, that celebrates the beautiful colors of the series.


The colors are gorgeous!  The pigments are rich and last all day.


I took the palette out on a test run:


To get this look, I applied an eyeshadow base and then applied Rainbow Dash from the crease to the lash line.  Then I applied Twilight Sparkle over the whole lid.  That is it.  Really simple, and it gives you such a pretty glittery look that lasts all day.

Get your own palette here.  It is a limited edition, so best get on it if you want these great colors.

“My Little Pony” the movie opens in theatres this Friday, October 6th.

Love, Kim and Scout

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Make-up Road Test: Eyeliner Stencils

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Whenever I’ve tried a cat-eye eyeliner, it always ends in disaster or hilarity, one or the other.  So, when I saw that Beth Bender Beauty had eyeliner stencils, I had to give them a try.

Basically, you stick on the stencil on your eye like this:


Then color in the eyeliner like this:


Let the eyeliner dry and gently lift off the stencil:


And….it looks great!


Here are the products that I used:


The Beth Bender Beauty stencils are available here.

The NYX eyeliner is available here.

And the LORAC glitter eyeliner is available here.

These are a great goof-proof way to apply a nice cat eye!  Have fun with them and send us some pictures!

Love, Kim and Scout



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Raising a Geek: Introduction to Make-Up

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I know that make-up is hardly a geeks only thing, but I am raising a geek and this is our experience.

One of the responsibilites and quite frankly, fun, parts of raising a kid, is hearing the question, “Mommy, can I start wearing make-up?”  I know if you have a little geeky boy, this might not apply to you, but it just might.  Make-up is not a girls-only thing anymore.  So, when I speak of raising a girl, I am speaking of my own personal experience of raising a daughter.  I don’t mean to make any assumptions of gender in any way.

My answer to that question was an enthusiasic, “YASSSS!”  I love make-up.  I have way too much make-up, and I absolutely do not care.  Dark lipstick, sure, more glitter, yes please.  I use make-up for fun.

However, there are times and places for all types of make-up.  Gothy for the club, more conservative for the workplace, that kind of thing.  So, when teaching my kiddo how to use make-up, I needed to teach her about all the aspects of make-up use.

Just like with putting on a face of make-up, teaching about make-up requires a foundation.  Where to begin?  Well, I started with proper skincare, which we will go into on a later post, and how to apply a “basic face”, which I learned many years ago from a fantastic book called, “Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face”.  I still have my copy to this day, and I was happy to pass it down to my kid.  I was pleased to learn that this book is still available on Amazon.  Get it here.  I recommend the spiral bound version for ease of use.


Ms. Crawford found herself sick in bed after a photo shoot, and to not go nuts with boredom, her friends encouraged her to write a book.  Being who she is, she did just that.  She didn’t just write any book; what she did was create a manual to make-up with all the basics.  Things like picking a good foundation, using concealer, brushes and how to keep them clean, and how to put on your “basic face”.  Your basic face should take you about five minutes to apply and be appropriate for work, school, whatever.  Her philosophy is that make-up is an option, not a requirement, and if you want to wear it, then make sure you do it in such a way that is occasion and location appropriate.

Photo: “Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face”

After you apply your basic face, then if you are headed to a party or a club, then you can build on this basic face by adding a smoky eye, glitter, anything goes.

Photo: “Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face”

After you perfect your basic face, then go nuts!  I know we do.  We recently bought a ton of glitter, cause…glitter!

Next time, we’ll talk more about skincare and fun make-up to try.

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

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A Couple of Announcements from Us

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Scout and I have a couple of announcements.  First off, we have more duckies!  I know we ran out during WonderCon, and some folks were disappointed.  If you want a duckie, let us know.  If you can shoot me a little for shipping, I’ll send you some ducks!

Please adopt us!

Our other announcement is that we will be adding some posts about make-up.

When we started this blog, we wanted everything to be age and size inclusive and cover nerdy fashions, cosplay and lifestyles.  We are all about body positivity and confidence, so deciding to start posting about make-up was a decision we did not take lightly.  After all, everyone has to wear clothes so they don’t get arrested, so you might as well be fashionable.  Now make-up, not a requirement in life by any means.  So, why cover it?  Well…

We love make-up in this house!  Like, a lot!  A whole lot!  However, our attitude about make-up is that it is strictly for funzies.  There is no, “A lady must not ever go out without make-up.” BS around here.  We would like to bring the sense of fun to this blog and share our enthusiasm about make-up with you all.

So, ground rules which we will always follow:

  • There will be no mention of “covering your flaws”
  • There will be no mention of “anti-aging” or “looking younger”
  • There will be no mention of wearing make-up to attract a date or mate
  • We will be filling up posts with fun and how make-up is basically an accessory to your fashion.  We are all land-mermaid/unicorn/fairy princesses!
  • We will talk about great products that are good for your skin’s health (ex. sunscreen)
  • We will talk about good skincare.  Self-care is always a body positive concept
  • We will talk about age, but only to address how your skincare needs change (example would be, good formulas for tweens and teens as opposed to good formulas for the over-35 crowd. Scout needs oil-free formulas, and since I am almost 50, I need as much moisture for my skin as possible)

We hope that you will enjoy these upcoming posts on make-up.

As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts.

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

*All professional photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.