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A Stay at the Grand Californian and Another Trip to the Campus!

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I recently got the best birthday ever when Mr. Bill took me for a quick vacation at Disneyland.

But this was not any ordinary trip, we got to stay a night at the Grand Californian!

Needless to say, the room was beautiful and the view was breathtaking! We had an amazing time!

Now, for the bound, I put together a Doctor Strange bound with only Amazon pieces, save for two, from Etsy. I’ll post all the shop links below.

For the ears, I got the ears from Etsy and put the Eye of Agamotto pin on them. The caplet, I attached the cape clips that I got from Etsy.

The dress is one of my favorites! It is so soft and comfy, with tons of stretch. It also is very affordable and comes in a variety of colors! Click here to buy. I’m wearing a 4xl.

My shoes also come from Amazon, as did the petticoat, belt and sling ring.

Happy Shopping!



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Halloween Time at Disneyland!

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It is Halloween Time at Disneyland, easily my favorite time of year!

Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure do no hold back on the decor either! Especially in Cars Land at DCA! They really go all out!

Here are some fun pics from our day. Click on links below to shop!

Maleficent Dress by ShopDisney

Maleficent Ears from Amazon

Petticoat from Amazon

Shoes from Amazon

Agatha Dress from Amazon

Belt from Amazon

Ears from Amazon with added embellishment by me (printed vinyl stickers for ears)

Pin from Amazon

Happy Halloween!



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Avengers Campus Check!

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As summer draws to a close, I wanted to revisit the various outfits I’ve styled for Avengers Campus.

Shoes: Biion Footwear

Skirt: Amazon

Patches: Amazon

Petticoat: Amazon

Belt: Amazon

Tank: Amazon

Sweater: Amazon

If you have a chance, then please let these outfits inspire you to bound that day as well.

Dress: Torrid

All other accessories, click on links above from Biion and Amazon.

I’ve included shopping links, so just click away!

Dress: Torrid

ll other accessories, click on links above from Biion and Amazon.

Dress: Her Universe

Necklace: Amazon

Shoes: Amazon

Gator: Amazon

Crown: Etsy

Sweatshirt: Shop Disney

Skirt: Hot Topic

Boots: Forever 21

Dress: Her Universe

Shoes: Amazon (click on link above)

Jacket: Target

Pins: InPlainSight Store




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A Trip to Disneyland

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Recently, the BF and I got to go back to Disneyland; this time to both parks.

We started our day at Disneyland Park. We made our way straight to the updated Jungle Cruise.

My Jungle Cruise dress is from Shop Disney or at the Disney Dress Shop in the parks.

I got this dress about a year ago, and have been wanting to wear it since then! I paired it with a hat from Amazon, gloves from Amazon and shoes from…surprise, Amazon. Click on links to buy.

In the afternoon, we made our way to Disney’s California Adventure. We hit up the photo ops in the Hollywood area and then off to the Avengers Campus!

President Loki loved both me and Gator Loki’s variant bounds. Gator Loki with backpack from Amazon and craft foam also from Amazon. My dress from Shop Disney and Sylvie horns from Etsy. Click on those links to buy!

We had an amazing time and now just counting down the days when we get to go back!



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Black Widow Looks

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As we all know, it has been a long, slow wait for the Black Widow movie, but it is finally getting released!!!! To celebrate, I’ve put together some Widow looks for you. Click on links to shop:

Casual dress- classic Her Universe for Torrid.

Sweater- Amazon

Tee- Tee Turtle

Skirt- Hot Topic

Boots- Doc Marten

Pin-Up Dress by Her Universe- Disney Dress Shop

Beret- Amazon

Jacket- Her Universe for Hot Topic

Happy Shopping!



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Avengers Campus Preview

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At the time I wrote this, I have a week until my trip to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure, so I wanted to preview my new outfit.

This campus bound was really easy to put together, and to make it even easier, all the pieces (with the exception of the ears) are from Amazon! Click on the links to buy.

I started with the skirt. I wanted to make a poodle-type skirt, but with an Avengers twist. So, I found patches for each of the original Avengers and applied them in place of the poodle.

I paired the skirt with my go-to petticoat and belt.

I added a tank and cropped cardigan and my trusty Chuck Taylors. My pin was from Miniso, but unfortunately it is no longer available, so I found you one on Amazon. My ears are from Etsy and the Loungefly is a classic style, but I found a similar one on Amazon.

Happy Shopping!

Trip to Avengers Campus coming soon…



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How to Style a Spirit Jersey

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Now, THIS is a challenge! I swore to all that was holy that I would never ever get a spirit jersey. They are big, boxy, but tapered enough at the bottom that they don’t hang right on you. They are just plain, well, not a good look. My opinion, of course.

But then, Disney did this to me…

Needless to say, I bought a spirit jersey. Get your own here. Once I received it, I had to take scissors to it first to remove the high neck. T-shirt surgery tutorial here. Make sure you don’t cut the back too low to keep the awesome lettering on the back. Then I cropped it off so I could wear it with high-waisted leggings or skirts.

Because the top is so voluminous, you need to balance out the bottom of the outfit with something close to the body. Balance is key.

I paired my spirit jersey with my new Big 3 pin and Bucky Barnes dogtags. I wore a stretch pencil skirt from Forever 21 with it and some silver clunky sneakers from Fila. Click on links to buy.

Happy shopping!



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Marvel Bound: Doctor Strange Dapper

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For our latest look of the day, I went into some looks I created during the pandemic for future trips to Disneyland and cons- Doctor Strange Dapper.

I created this look entirely from Amazon finds. Shopping links will be below.

I started with a 50’s swing dress in navy blue. I bought this dress in every color available in my size. The fabric is so soft and stretchy, but it keeps its shape and looks like taffeta, in my humble opinion. Petticoat is from Amazon.

Next, we needed the good Doctor’s Cloak of Levitation. For a 50’s look, I went with a capelet.

The belt I mixed a 50’s stretch belt with one that looks more like Doctor Strange’s belt.

I put the comfy Chuck Taylors with this look for walking all over parks and cons.

Last touches were the Eye of Agamotto and his Sling Ring.

Happy Shopping!



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A Much-Needed Trip to Downtown Disney

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With COVID cases finally declining, our Governor lifted stay-at-home orders and the ban on outside dining recently.

Boyfriend Bill and I took advantage of that and took a day off to go to Downtown Disney.

In addition, Disney has opened the main street and Hollywood section of Disney’s California Adventure for shopping.

I did make note of the fact that work has resumed on Avenger’s Campus, which makes me more happy than I could ever express. To celebrate that, I wore my Black Widow Disney Dress Shop dress by Her Universe.

I picked up one of the new Nuimos. Nuimos were a huge hit in Japan, and now they have made their way to the USA. They are fully posable with a variety of fashionable looks to choose from. I chose Daisy, cause, duck. I bought her a cute ensemble that makes her super stylish I think! Shop for Nuimos online here. It is also important to note that Her Universe will be designing everyday cosplay looks for Nuimos. So, your toys can bound too! Feel free to use a Team Build Checklist for them as well (wink)! Maybe I should make some tiny Team Build Checklists…

As always, the Disney Dress Shop dresses look amazing and are super comfortable. I love the design on this dress as well. And yes, there are pockets! Get your own dress here.

My beret is from Amazon. Pins are from Wish. Petticoat is also from Amazon. Chucks by Converse.

Happy Shopping and coming up, we are planning an adventure to Knott’s! Stay tuned…



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If There’s No Place to Cosplay, Does It Still Exist?

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OK, obligatory, “2020, what a crappy year!” Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the actual effects of 2020 on nerds, specifically, cosplaying nerds.

Let me start off by stating that I have a job. I’ve had a job this whole year. I have a home and a healthy family, so I am getting through this year blessed to be perfectly honest. So, when I begin my complaining below, please know that while I feel disappointment over things lost in this craptastic year, I do have some perspective.

We lost cons, movies, tv shows, Dapper Day, and countless other nerd celebratory things this year while sheltering and trying to slow the spread of COVID. It was the right thing to do, but it sucked. It has been lonely, and at times, boring. What are cosplayers to do with their time now? Well, I have some ideas I’d like to share. These ideas do apply to other hobbies, so if you aren’t a cosplayer, please read on!

Zoom Meet Ups

I know, you are probably already doing this, but with a lot of us getting Zoom fatigued (me included), we’ve kind of let this one go by the wayside. I think with the holidays coming, we should bring it back. Perhaps a meet up with your holiday best bound, cosplay or dapper look.

Find Masked/Socially Distant Events to Attend with Your Household Members

This one can be tricky, depending on where you live. I’m fortunate enough to live in LA, so we have Downtown Disney, Universal Citywalk and Knotts Berry Farm to go to. In all these instances, they are strictly enforcing social distancing and mask wearing, as well as attendance numbers, so I feel safe going to these events. There are no rides or live shows, but you can put on a nice bound and have a nice day out!

Find a Drive-Thru Event and Cosplay In Your Car

Seems silly, but so is 2020! Again, LA has a ton of drive-thru light displays, so we can get gussied up and go and have a nice evening out.

Work on Some New Builds

Now that there is literally no “con crunch time”, take this time to look at your cosplays and bounds and see if anything needs touching up or updates. I’ve been doing this with my weekends for a while now. I can say that I have more than enough new looks for Avengers Campus when it opens and for cons for the next two years! But, I’ve been able to really take my time and make them look the way I want them to look. I’m super proud of these and can’t wait to show them off, which brings me to…

Photo Shoots

Now is a great time to do some photos of those looks. Get out your ring lights and tripods and go to town on some photos! Photos and then posting them on Instagram or Facebook is a way to stay engaged with your hobby and also stay in touch with your nerdy friends!

Purchase the In Plain Sight Book For Fresh Ideas

Lastly, please allow me to toot my own horn for a sec and suggest getting a copy of my new book, “In Plain Sight: Using Cosplay to Express Your Inner Superhero”. The book is full of information for the new cosplayer as well as ideas and inspirations for the experienced cosplayer/bounder. I have also come up with an organizational system for building looks, which I have dubbed the Team Build Checklist. You basically building your look by using classic superhero team member archetypes to assist you. Please see the example below of my Star Lord bound along with a photo of the actual look:

Right now for the holidays, I have a limited number of books that are $5.00 off the regular price and signed copies to boot! Just email me at for one of those. If you want to purchase through, click here.

Regardless if you buy a copy, I hope that this list has given you a little inspiration to get you through to when the vaccine is readily available, and we can all get out and enjoy our hobbies again!

Please take care and stay safe!

Love, Kim