raisingaheronotavillain is now InPlainSight.style!

We have made a big change to the site, in case you haven’t noticed already!

We didn’t come to the decision to change the name lightly, but because it was so long, Benji is being raised pretty well so far and we wanted to change our focus a bit, we decided to make the leap.  We really wanted to focus on everyday living as a nerd.

How to integrate your fandoms into your everyday life.  Not with just everyday cosplay, which is fun to wear for sure, but also more subtle ways, bounding, dapper looks, pin-up style and the like.


We hope you like the update!  Please share your thoughts with us.  We love to hear from you!

Love, Kim and Benji

Wonderful photos by Justin Davidson Photography!  Click on the link to book him today!

Kim’s Bio

Kim Henderson McAndrew is an author and blogger known for her bold, self-proclaimed nerdy style and ability to combine cosplay with everyday fashion. She attributes her inner geek to the day her Dad took her to see “Star Wars” back in the 70’s; a day that changed her life forever.

Kim began immersing herself in the world of Cosplay after divorcing from her husband and realizing she lacked a sense of community or support system. So, she sought out to meet new friends, and in the process, she was introduced to the magical world of costume play. Over time, Kim started to realize that the more she allowed herself to indulge, the more confident and positive she became.

While a lover of the occasional screen-accurate cosplay, Kim used her unique style and love of certain fandoms to create every looks to honor superheroes ‘in plain sight’. Over time, friends and fellow cosplayers started encouraging her to publish a guide to help others learn how to do the same. So, in 2016, she launched InPlainSight.style, an all-ages geek/nerd fashion, mash-up cosplay, bounding and lifestyle blog with an emphasis on body confidence and body positivity.

As the blog’s popularity grew, so did the demand for a book. So, she decided to combine the articles her readers felt most useful, put them in one place into a workbook-type format and this year Kim published her first book, In Plain Sight: Using Everyday Cosplay to Express Your Inner Superhero (2020).

In Plain Sight offers readers a step-by-step guide to getting started with Cosplay, the various types and styles of Cosplay, how to create everyday looks, and the world of Bounding. The book includes shopping guides, sources, convention pack lists, Con pack lists and more.

Kim’s main fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and the Arthurian Legend. When she isn’t working, helping with homework or going to a con, she is hard at work on her next cosplay or at the movies most likely.