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A Trip to Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

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With restrictions easing everywhere, most theme parks have started or in the case of Knott’s, restarted, their food festival programs. These “Taste of…” events are a lot of fun and a safe way to get out of the house for a bit.

Besides that, a chance to enjoy some great food!

I’ve never been to the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival before, but I can say that I will never miss one again. The food was amazing, honestly, beyond amazing. I’m no foodie, but I had such an amazing time!

Everything was outside and no rides operating, but the Ghost Town residents of Calico were socially distant and out and about to interact with the guests. There were also some Peanuts characters available for socially distant, but still great, photos.

There may be some tickets still available here. If you can go, I highly recommend it.

Now, for the wardrobe. I went with a nice springtime 50’s look from Rosegal. I added purple accessories, cause, boysenberries, from Amazon.

Click on these links to buy the dress, the beret, the belt and the petticoat. Pins are from Wish. I also have some great enamel pins available in the store. Just click here. Shoes are an old DIY on this blog. Click here to revisit.

Happy Shopping!



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Thrifting Trip and Outfit of the Day

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For the kiddo’s (well, he’s 15, so not REALLY a kiddo), birthday, I took him on a thrifting trip to King Richard’s Antiques in Whittier, CA. Whittier is east of downtown LA.

King Richard’s is three floors of amazing finds, and we had an amazing time.

Benji got a new denim jacket and some other chotkes.

For our trip, my outfit of the day is from Hot Topic. I love this Tarot Card dress so much!

Like most Hot Topic pieces, it is size-inclusive and super comfy and a great print.

My belt is from Torrid. The boots are from Forever 21. Click on links to buy.

Happy Shopping!



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Did You Know We Have a Store?!

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You probably do know we have a store, but we have a store.

I just wanted to give you a head’s up about it just in case you weren’t aware.

The store is where you can get a copy of the book, “In Plain Sight”, which is the ultimate workbook for cosplay, bounds, nerdy looks and everyday cosplays of all fandoms.

I also have some enamel pins. I designed one pin for the accessory pack (also available in the store), and I now have inspiration to design more. So far, there are two- the ducky logo and gelatinous cube pin.

I’ve also put the ducky logo on some cute berets. We have low stock on these pale pink berets, so grab one today. More colors coming in the Fall.

You can reach the store at the top of this page by clicking the “shop” icon.




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Overcoming the Rude Reminders of Your Past

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There are times in life when we get rather rude reminders of our past pain.

Last week, I had one of those reminders. I got a nasty-gram in the form of a text from an ex. Sigh. I read it and the mild-PTSD kicked right in; the shaky hands, dizziness, panic sweat…the whole shebang.

But, for the first time, I came back to myself quickly, like, almost immediately. It was awesome! How the heck did I do that? Well…

I put the phone down and walked away for a minimum of five minutes. I took that time to remind myself of where I am now. Chiefly, not under the same roof with this person, so I did not have to desperately defend myself to no avail. This is no longer my life. I also used this time to think of where this nastiness is coming from. You know, the timeless Urkel question, “Did I do that?” I got real with myself and asked if I did do something wrong here that required an apology or remedy. I realized that this was an attempt to pile shit that isn’t mine on me. I tend to be very hard on myself, so if I do something wrong, I’m the last one on the planet to forgive it. So, I don’t have any issue with going, “Oh, my bad. Sorry.” Lastly, I thought of how to respond. I did apologize for upsetting him. Because I was unaware that what I had texted would upset him at all. That is all I said. Why? Because my second tip is…

Don’t engage. Just don’t do it, man. There is no point in picking apart the tirade and pointing out why he’s wrong, sentence by sentence. You are not going to “win”. You just aren’t.

My third tip for you is to contact someone supportive. I talked to friends and vented a bit. Friends are your best defense against the dreaded gas-light! Like I said, my mild PTSD kicked in, and part of that is immediately second guessing myself. Friends can help you distinguish between the ugly picture of you that has been painted by someone else, and the real picture. And while not a perfectly filtered picture, the no filter picture of you is quite lovely.

Why am I even writing about this? Well, while I did avert the crisis, it was like walking into your kitchen and seeing an elephant in there (not that an elephant would fit in my kitchen, but I digress). You see, my second act has been in full-swing for about six and a half years now, and the unpleasantness of the text last week is not a normal event in my life anymore. Besides the PTSD, an event like this triggers old memories, like a mini-haunting of a sort. Unfortunately, when these events trigger me, I will always have to process them.

I remembered that despite my ex thinking that dumping me would solve all his problems, it actually solved all of mine. The loss of that relationship sent me straight into an unexpected epic second act- full of fun, laughter, adventure and friends. Now, is my life perfect…Hell No! Nobody’s life is perfect. I have stress and strife. But, I am living my best life now. So, while the text from Hell was upsetting, the reminder of how far I’ve come, was not.

I’ll always be sad about the end of that relationship. Mostly because it really and truly did not have to be that way, and despite my best efforts, it did end up that way. As sad as that is, I am beautifully blessed and maybe a reminder of that, especially in the COVID-crazy-time, is exactly the kick in the pants that I need. I mean, it got me to sit down and write this today, didn’t it?

And if all of the above fails, might I suggest some sage…



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A Trip to Jurassic Quest!

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The kiddo and I recently had the opportunity to go to the drive-thru “safari” experience, Jurassic Quest!

It is simply a drive-thru animatronic dinosaurs, but it was a rare night out in the time of COVID.

We had an amazing time, and got some fun pics.

I wore my Dr. Alan Grant bound to the event. Skirt is from Retrolicious. Shirt is from Amazon as is the bandana. Pins are from Wish. Ducky pin from our InPlainSight store.

If you want to book your own safari, click here.

Happy Exploring!



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Nerd Valentine’s Gift Guide

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We only have one week until Valentine’s Day, and I have put together a last-minute shopping guide for you.

Everything is from Amazon Prime, so you can get it in time for your Valentine!

Love Bot Print

This cute print is upcycled from Dictionary pages and is only $9.99!

Oxytocin Molecule T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes (there is a men’s and women’s version). It is only $19.99.

Math Socks

These cute math socks are in a a great Valentine’s red and only $8.99!

Feisty Pets

Last, but not least are Feisty Pets. Every time I have given one of these as a gift, they have been a huge hit! Get Sir Growls-a-Lot above for only $21.99.

I hope that these gifts can save the day for your Valentine’s Day!



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Happy New Year and Blogiversary to In Plain Sight!

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After a holiday break and a facelift, I am excited to be back for our 6th year!

2020 was awful, but now we have a new year, a new President and a new vaccine. So, I am hopeful about the future.

Please take a look around the new site and our new shop! Just click on that top menu to take a look. I’ve also added my Poshmark Closet for you to shop. In addition to the book, I have accessory packs, berets and other goodies!

So, here’s to a great 2021 and more adventures!



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Time for Holiday Break!

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I just wanted to take this time to wish you all a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! So excited for 2021, as I am sure you are as well!

I’ll be back on our blogiversary on January 7th. During the break, I’ll be giving the site a little face lift, and getting ready to bring you more items in my new store, including a new book! So, stay tuned for more amazing things as In Plain Sight begins its 6th year!

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support for this blog and for the book. It means so much to me, words cannot say.

Take care and be safe this holiday season!

Love, Kim

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If There’s No Place to Cosplay, Does It Still Exist?

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OK, obligatory, “2020, what a crappy year!” Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the actual effects of 2020 on nerds, specifically, cosplaying nerds.

Let me start off by stating that I have a job. I’ve had a job this whole year. I have a home and a healthy family, so I am getting through this year blessed to be perfectly honest. So, when I begin my complaining below, please know that while I feel disappointment over things lost in this craptastic year, I do have some perspective.

We lost cons, movies, tv shows, Dapper Day, and countless other nerd celebratory things this year while sheltering and trying to slow the spread of COVID. It was the right thing to do, but it sucked. It has been lonely, and at times, boring. What are cosplayers to do with their time now? Well, I have some ideas I’d like to share. These ideas do apply to other hobbies, so if you aren’t a cosplayer, please read on!

Zoom Meet Ups

I know, you are probably already doing this, but with a lot of us getting Zoom fatigued (me included), we’ve kind of let this one go by the wayside. I think with the holidays coming, we should bring it back. Perhaps a meet up with your holiday best bound, cosplay or dapper look.

Find Masked/Socially Distant Events to Attend with Your Household Members

This one can be tricky, depending on where you live. I’m fortunate enough to live in LA, so we have Downtown Disney, Universal Citywalk and Knotts Berry Farm to go to. In all these instances, they are strictly enforcing social distancing and mask wearing, as well as attendance numbers, so I feel safe going to these events. There are no rides or live shows, but you can put on a nice bound and have a nice day out!

Find a Drive-Thru Event and Cosplay In Your Car

Seems silly, but so is 2020! Again, LA has a ton of drive-thru light displays, so we can get gussied up and go and have a nice evening out.

Work on Some New Builds

Now that there is literally no “con crunch time”, take this time to look at your cosplays and bounds and see if anything needs touching up or updates. I’ve been doing this with my weekends for a while now. I can say that I have more than enough new looks for Avengers Campus when it opens and for cons for the next two years! But, I’ve been able to really take my time and make them look the way I want them to look. I’m super proud of these and can’t wait to show them off, which brings me to…

Photo Shoots

Now is a great time to do some photos of those looks. Get out your ring lights and tripods and go to town on some photos! Photos and then posting them on Instagram or Facebook is a way to stay engaged with your hobby and also stay in touch with your nerdy friends!

Purchase the In Plain Sight Book For Fresh Ideas

Lastly, please allow me to toot my own horn for a sec and suggest getting a copy of my new book, “In Plain Sight: Using Cosplay to Express Your Inner Superhero”. The book is full of information for the new cosplayer as well as ideas and inspirations for the experienced cosplayer/bounder. I have also come up with an organizational system for building looks, which I have dubbed the Team Build Checklist. You basically building your look by using classic superhero team member archetypes to assist you. Please see the example below of my Star Lord bound along with a photo of the actual look:

Right now for the holidays, I have a limited number of books that are $5.00 off the regular price and signed copies to boot! Just email me at for one of those. If you want to purchase through, click here.

Regardless if you buy a copy, I hope that this list has given you a little inspiration to get you through to when the vaccine is readily available, and we can all get out and enjoy our hobbies again!

Please take care and stay safe!

Love, Kim

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Halloween 2020: A Trip to Hauntoween

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With most events canceled this year, it has been difficult, but not impossible, to find events to attend this year for Halloween.

A lot of haunts have revised plans to make their once walk-thru haunts, drive-thru instead. Because of this, most of them have revised them to be family-friendly. One such event is Haunt0ween in Woodland Hills, CA.

A link to their site is here, so see if you can score some last-minute tickets. It is worth the price!

The experience is about 20 minutes or so, with some Halloween vignettes and a “neighborhood” with spooky (but not too spooky) characters and trick or treating. The candy is handed out by baskets and socially distant.

I had to take a picture of that cow, because he looks like the meanest cow in existence, and we could not stop giggling about it! We had an amazing time and hope you can take in an event or two this Halloween!

Then we took in an outside dinner, which was a nice change from being at home all the time. Beret from Kreepsville 666 and pentagram dress from Wish. My mask is from Spirit Halloween. Click on links to buy.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

Love, Kim