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A Visit to Avengers Campus!

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Well, I did it. I finally got to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure. After a year’s delay due to COVID, the Campus is up and running!

A few things to note before you go. You have to have a ticket to DCA and a reservation for DCA for the day you want to go. Next, getting onto the Campus will take a few hours. There is a stand-by line, but you will get in. If you get a boarding pass for the Web Slingers ride (you get that online if you are lucky at 7 am and again at noon), you can by-pass the line, but getting a boarding pass is tricky.

Now, once you get there, it is simply amazing! It was everything I hoped it would be.

The Avengers are walking around regularly doing meet and greets (socially distant for now). There are regular battles going on at the Avengers main building.

You can also find the Guardians of the Galaxy having a dance-off party to save the Universe in front of Mission Breakout.

Bill the boyfriend and I had such an amazing time! On top of everything, the food at the Pym Test Kitchen is all amazing as well!

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