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A Trip to Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

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With restrictions easing everywhere, most theme parks have started or in the case of Knott’s, restarted, their food festival programs. These “Taste of…” events are a lot of fun and a safe way to get out of the house for a bit.

Besides that, a chance to enjoy some great food!

I’ve never been to the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival before, but I can say that I will never miss one again. The food was amazing, honestly, beyond amazing. I’m no foodie, but I had such an amazing time!

Everything was outside and no rides operating, but the Ghost Town residents of Calico were socially distant and out and about to interact with the guests. There were also some Peanuts characters available for socially distant, but still great, photos.

There may be some tickets still available here. If you can go, I highly recommend it.

Now, for the wardrobe. I went with a nice springtime 50’s look from Rosegal. I added purple accessories, cause, boysenberries, from Amazon.

Click on these links to buy the dress, the beret, the belt and the petticoat. Pins are from Wish. I also have some great enamel pins available in the store. Just click here. Shoes are an old DIY on this blog. Click here to revisit.

Happy Shopping!




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