DIY Saddle Shoes

I’ve talked a lot about these DIY sneakers as of late.  It is about time to show you how to make your own. You will need: Shoes Fabric Paint Paint Brush First, the shoe.  I have arthritis in my right knee, which makes walking a lot difficult.  So, I found a great walking shoe from … Continue reading “DIY Saddle Shoes”

Shoes for Pin-Up/Dapper Styles

When you are prepping a new dapper look for a convention or just trying to accessorize a new dress, one key item you need to think about are shoes to complete your look. Here are a few styles that will work with vintage-inspired fashions.  All the choices are reasonably priced with shopping links below as … Continue reading “Shoes for Pin-Up/Dapper Styles”

Styling Examples

Previously, we spoke about how to style an outfit.  Now, here are some examples and some suggestions how you could re-style them for different situations. Loki dress by Her Universe for Disney Dress Shop.  All paired pieces are from Amazon.  I styled this look specifically for blog photos.  So I have on all the accessories … Continue reading “Styling Examples”

Little John Dapperbound

The other day we broke down Benji’s Robin Hood dapper look, and now it is my turn. I went to Dapper Day as Robin Hood’s bestie, Little John. Disney’s Little John is my favorite Disney character.  I love his sense of fun, positivity, loyalty and justice.  I know that is a lot to attach to … Continue reading “Little John Dapperbound”

New Dapper Bound: Captain America Stealth Dress

We got to go to our second Dapper Day at Disneyland recently.  We spent a day in the parks and a day at the Dapper Day Expo.  For our parks day, I wore my new Captain America Stealth dress to both parks. Dress is from Grace Karin on Amazon.  Belt is from Amazon.  Foam shield … Continue reading “New Dapper Bound: Captain America Stealth Dress”

New Dapper Bound: Captain America Stealth Suit Dress- DIY Instructions

For my latest cosplay, I put together a look for Dapper Day of my favorite Captain America suit, the stealth suit. The dress is pretty easy to put together.  I found some iron-on transfer paper at a craft store.  With that, a star-shaped cookie cutter and a straight edge, I was able to create the … Continue reading “New Dapper Bound: Captain America Stealth Suit Dress- DIY Instructions”

Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble

I recently got to take part in my first ever Disneyland After Dark event, Heroes Assemble. It was an amazing time!  The event took place at Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim.  All the heroes, ALL of them, were there for photo ops, which was just great.  Star Lord and the Guardians had a DJ’d … Continue reading “Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble”

We Saw “Avengers Endgame”!!!

Well, I mean, who hasn’t yet?  I will warn you that there are tons ‘o spoilers here, but it has been over a week since the movie’s release, so the spoiler-free zone is over! As always, here are some of our favorite moments from the film.  We aren’t movie reviewers, and we aren’t going to … Continue reading “We Saw “Avengers Endgame”!!!”

WonderCon Recap: Captain Marvel Dress

Our last recap of WonderCon is my Captain Marvel dress by Her Universe from the Disney Dress Shop. Let’s break it down and do the Team Build Checklist. Print your own Checklist here. The Team Leader- The Dress Like all dresses from the Disney Dress Shop, this dress is retro-styled and size inclusive. I love … Continue reading “WonderCon Recap: Captain Marvel Dress”

Pin-Up Iron Man Cosplay

My latest creation for WonderCon was a pin-up Iron Man Cosplay, complete with light up arc reactor! I am super duper proud of this cosplay, so let’s break it down with some shopping links! I used my handy dandy cosplay Team Build Checklist. Print your own check list here. The Team Leader- Arc Reactor I … Continue reading “Pin-Up Iron Man Cosplay”