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Happy New Year from!

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Today marks our sixth anniversary, which I cannot believe I’ve been at it for that long, but there you go. 2022 is here and hopefully you are all staying safe and well out there.

I wanted to kick off the year with a quick letter welcoming anyone that is visiting here for the first time and say, “Welcome back!”, to those returning.

This blog began with my kid and me wanting to create a place where anyone, regardless of age, size, shape or fandom, could read tips and guides on how to express yourself with your everyday looks and lifestyle. I believe we have accomplished that.

Having said that, I am changing things a little bit around here, but don’t worry, this is still your safe space to come and express yourself! The only way I’m changing is how I bring content to you, to stay with the changing climate on various social platforms.

I dove into TikTok last year, and really enjoy making them. TikToks are a great way to show you looks in the wild, how they fit, how they move and give you some ideas on where/when to wear them. Along with TikTok, I was accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program, which is a big dream of mine, so I was so excited to become part of their team. So, the way I bring you content will also change a bit in regards to that.

So, long story short, I’ll be posting TikToks, Instagrams (videos and photos) and the shop links will always be in my bio in the form of a Link Tree. That is in addition to my posts here, so no matter how you like to get your content, I have you covered.

My Link Tree has the following buttons to find what you are looking for:

Kim’s Amazon Shop This takes you to Amazon, you click on the photo of what you want to purchase and can purchase it right from there

Shop the Looks Takes you here so you can click on the shop links in the posts

Kim’s Store Takes you to my designs on

Kim’s Tee Public Store Takes you to my designs on

Our Store The, where you can grab logo merch

Kim’s Store Takes you to my designs on

Our Book Takes you directly to the page to purchase our handbook, “In Plain Sight”

Kim’s Amazon Author Page Takes you to my notebook and planners for sale on Amazon

Kim’s Poshmark Closet You can shop my items for offer on Poshmark

Cash App For donations and tips

So, that’s the breakdown of how to find everything easily. I’m looking forward to bringing you so many more designs, looks for bounding, theme park looks and just everyday nerdy shenanigans this year! Stay tuned…