Fashion Alert: Avengers Make-up at Ulta

While I wait for everyone to see “Avengers Endgame” this week, I thought I would highlight some great new products available at Ulta, in stores and online.


They released a great make-up line inspired by “Avengers Endgame” with an eyeshadow pallet, four lip glosses, four matte lipsticks and three make-up bags.

ulta avengers 4

I got two of the make-up bags and love them!  I got the smallest one for my purse and the medium sized one for travel.


I didn’t have an opportunity to try the eye shadows or the lip glosses, but the good word is that they are both great.


I did get two shades of matte lipsticks.  Both have a nice feel, good amount of pigment and aren’t drying.  I tried them both, and they lasted all day.

Get your own loot at Ulta’s site here.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Benji

*All Photos:

New Spidey Suit!

*This is a repost about Benji’s new Spidey Suit.

As the kiddo has gotten older, I decided it was time for her to have her first custom-made cosplay.  She chose a new Spidey Suit.  Our wonderful friend, Vegan Spiderman, recommended  They did not disappoint!




All these amazing photos were taken by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

We highly recommend you go the custom route.  The suit fits her perfectly.  We also recommend a removable mask and putting soles on the feet.  Both of those options came in really handy!


The zentaizone site link is here so you can order your own suit!



Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

New Wave Avengers Cosplay

*This is a repost from SDCC for our New Wave Avengers.

For our last SDCC recap, we wanted to share our latest cosplay, New Wave Avengers.


This cosplay was thought up in about five minutes in our local JC Penney.  We were headed back to the car after getting our nails done and there were bright sport coats on sale at the store.  One blue and one red.  Scout said, “We could do Avenger suits!”  Those sportcoats didn’t fit either of us, but an idea was born!

After spending an afternoon on Amazon, I got everything sent to us on Prime and just in time for SDCC.

So, a quick breakdown of the pieces…  Sportcoats here, shirts here and ties here.  All on Amazon.  The Stark Glasses also on Amazon here.  The stars and stripes glasses from Target.  The buttons are from Cons we’ve attended over the years.  Pair all this with black leggings.  White sneakers are the classic styles from Reebok.  The Stark gloves from Amazon.  The shield is a Marvel Legends shield, which is really hard to find these days, but has a similar one.


Finally, our make-up is from Dollar Tree.  No, really.


I have to admit, we both really like these eye shadows and lipstick.  We are both still using them!


All these amazing photos are by Justin Davidson Photography.  As always, we cannot recommend him highly enough!  Book him here.  You will not be disappointed!

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

Spidey and Stark Cosplays

*This is a reposted piece we did on our Spidey and Stark cosplays.

OK, so “Spiderman Homecoming” opens today!  To celebrate, the kiddo and I created two all-new cosplays.  We based ours on the Funko Pops:

Here’s Scout’s Spidey suit, available at Amazon:


Here’s my Stark cosplay:


Yellow glasses from Amazon.  I also have a blue pair for the “back of the limo” pictures.  Also from Amazon.  Cat shirt from Cafe Press.  Suit jacket from Goodwill for 12 bucks.

OK, you did good kid, but you’re still not an Avenger…

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Don’t do anything I would do.

There’s a little grey area.  That’s where you operate.

I’m not hugging you.  I’m opening the door so you can get out.


So, are there trials, tryouts?


I stole his shield…

See you kids at SDCC!

Love, Kim and Scout

Cosplay Shootout Video

*This is a repost about my Scarlet Witch cosplay and how Justin gets the most perfect shots!

My friend, Ava, made this great video about the cosplay shootout that happened in Griffith Park a couple of months ago.  I was lucky enough to get pics from Justin Davidson Photography and be interviewed.  Enjoy!  Book Justin here.


Love, Kim and Scout

Cosplay: Nick Fury and Captain America

*This is a repost from 2016 for our Nick Fury and Captain America cosplays.

For part three of our trip to WonderCon 2016 we focused on our new cosplay, Cap and Nick Fury.  I finally, finally, pulled the trigger and commissioned a Captain America corset and leggings from Castle Corsetry.  Tis a thing of beauty!  Here are some pics of the work in progress:

Here are some pics of the finished product with close-ups of the seams, oh the seams!!!

I absolutely love this cosplay!  I will be wearing this for many years to come.  If you would like to commission some of their work and/or order some of their cinchers or corsets, please visit their site here.  Also, feel free to shoot them an email with any questions you might have.  I cannot recommend their work hard enough!

Here are some solo photos that Justin Davidson Photography took for me:

For Scout’s Nick Fury cosplay, we hit up Amazon for the coat.  It is actually an adult sized pleather trench.  It is made in China, so I knew the sizing would be tiny.  I was right.  My regular sized 10 year old needed an XL!  When ordering from sites like these, go through a reputable company like Amazon, and measure for sizing.  Then go up a size.  Especially when ordering for your kid.  If it is too big, it won’t be for long! The eye patch is also from Amazon.  Leggings, t-shirt and boots from Target.  The prop weapons are by Disgruntled Veteran on Etsy.  He makes con-friendly props that are a good price and quality.  Get them here.

Here are some pics of Scout’s cosplay:

We had an opportunity for Justin Davidson Photography to take some great cosplay photos of our new cosplay.  As always, Justin makes us both feel super comfortable and brings great ideas for locations, lighting and poses to the table.  If you want some great photos, please book him here.

All cosplay photos and lead photo by Justin Davidson Photography



For the fourth and final recap of our trip to WonderCon 2016, we’ll talk about the Marvel group photo and post some more photos of excellent cosplays we saw at the con.  Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

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It’s Endgame Week!

This week is the opening of “Avengers: Endgame”, so we thought we would post some of our favorite Marvel cosplays with shopping links this week!  See ya at the movies!

DSC00209 Web

Love, Kim and Benji