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Outfit of the Day: Magical Wrap Dress from Elhoffer Design

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For our latest outfit of the day, we have the Magical Wrap Dress from Elhoffer Design.  Get your own here.


I know you are thinking, “Wait a sec!  Kim, you’re a Hufflepuff to the end.  What are you doing in a Ravenclaw dress?”  Well, like all geek bounding pieces, I made this one a Cap stealth suit dress.


The dress is super duper comfy and very light and breezy.  The fabric is a super sturdy spandex, so it isn’t see-thru and has tons of stretch.  I’m wearing a 3XL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.

If you do decide to geek bound magically, the dress has a wand pocket, fyi.  As with all Elhoffer dresses, this one has pockets!


Short star necklace from Amazon.  The long necklace is from Lane Bryant.

Love, Kim and Scout

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Fashion Alert: Tee Turtle

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I have a new obsession, Tee Turtle.

I already knew about Tee Turtle, but I discovered recently that they have plus size ladies t-shirts!  Not only that, but they have sales on their tees for $12!  All good stuff.  Take a look at their shirts here.

Here are three recent acquisitions from Tee Turtle that I got for twelve bucks a piece.  I’m wearing a women’s relaxed fit in 2XL.  I am a size 18/20 for reference.

First up is Star Lord:


I styled my t-shirt with my trusty cosplay Walkman and Star Lord jacket from Merchoid.  Get the jacket here.


Next up is my Doctor Strange shirt:


I styled my t-shirt with a pencil skirt, belt and Eye of Agamotto necklace, all from Amazon.

20170904_210332 (1)

Last up is my Marvel shirt:


I styled my shirt with a plaid skirt from Torrid and a bandana from Dollar Tree.

I love the variety of t-shirts that they offer.  I obviously went straight for the Marvel selections, but check out their Halloween t-shirts, which are amazing!

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Make-up: NYX In Your Element Palettes

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NYX has some beautiful new palettes in a collection entitled, “In Your Element”.  As suggested by the name, each palette is inspired by an element of nature.


Photo and Lead Photo:

I picked up the Wind palette.  As per usual with NYX, the pigments are rich and long-lasting.  The colors are beautiful.


I used two of the blues on my eyes in this picture.  Just a quick swipe of color over the lid from the crease to the lash line.  I finished with the sparkly light blue over the whole lid.  the lipstick is also from the Elements collection, from Water.  It is a metallic/violet/black shade that I love!

Get your own palette here.

Love, Kim and Scout

Lead Photo and first photo:

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Outfit of the Day: Dragon Scale Dress

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For our latest outfit of the day, we have the dragon scale dress from Living Dead Clothing.


I’m a big fan of Living Dead Clothing.  They have great printed spandex selections from a variety of fandoms.  This company is also size-inclusive.  I will always cheer on companies that are size-inclusive.  I’m wearing a 2XL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.


The neckline of this dress is a bit different from their usual skaters.  This one is more of a halter-type cut, and they call it the “Happy Hour” dress.  The happy hour dress also is a little bit longer than their usual skater style, which I like.  The dress also features pockets, which is something Living Dead has been adding to their designs.


I love the 3-D look of the scales and the colors are really beautiful.  From a cobalt blue to a turquoise to a violet.  It is really lovely.

My inflatable dragon, is available at Big Lots.

Pick up your own dress here.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout


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New My Little Pony Make-up

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To celebrate the big screen release of “My Little Pony” the movie, Ulta has an exclusive eyeshadow palette, that celebrates the beautiful colors of the series.


The colors are gorgeous!  The pigments are rich and last all day.


I took the palette out on a test run:


To get this look, I applied an eyeshadow base and then applied Rainbow Dash from the crease to the lash line.  Then I applied Twilight Sparkle over the whole lid.  That is it.  Really simple, and it gives you such a pretty glittery look that lasts all day.

Get your own palette here.  It is a limited edition, so best get on it if you want these great colors.

“My Little Pony” the movie opens in theatres this Friday, October 6th.

Love, Kim and Scout

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It is Never Too Early to Decorate for Halloween!

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The kiddo and I love Halloween.  I mean, we LOVE Halloween!!!  Every year we wait as long as we can to decorate the house and get ready for cosplay Christmas!

This year was no different.  We spent the weekend getting out all the decor and going to town!

We put up “Torch” the inflatable dragon…


Put out all the pumpkins on the porch…


Put up the new flying witch lights…


Made up the mantel all nice and spooky…


The kitchen table also got the Halloween treatment…


The decor on the kitchen table is made up of Target $3 items in the front of the store and items from Dollar Tree.  So, this entire display cost us $16 total.  I can’t post a link to these items.  You have to visit the stores in person for these bargains.

We do have some new additions this year.  Our new flying witch lights, the bat, and ghost lights are all from Target.  Get your own here.

Here’s to a very Merry Cosplay Christmas!

Love, Kim and Scout