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Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays from!

This holiday season, the kiddo and I had the opportunity to cosplay at the CHP toy drive in LA.  We had a great time meeting the kids and collecting donations to the toy drive!  I had the opportunity to cosplay at a children’s hospital event as well.  Cosplay is not only a fun hobby, but a rewarding one.  I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you at these events!


With Christmas around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for visiting our blog, commenting on posts and just supporting our new endeavor.  What a great first year!  We are taking a holiday break, but will be back in the new year with more nerdy adventures!  Until then, please have a safe and fun holiday and Happy New Year!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Rogue One

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OK, this post is chock full of spoilers!  So, if you have not seen “Rogue One”, then check out before reading further.  You have been warned!


  • The movie was AMAZING!
  • The cameos and the call-backs to the original trilogy were fantastic.
  • Those 70s mustaches tho…
  • This story was integrated seamlessly into the other films.
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying!
  • Tarkin, WOW, just WOW!
  • Gotta love a sarcastic droid.


  • The Empire is truly ruthless again.
  • Vader is truly terrifying again.
  • The last three minutes of the film are some of the best three minutes in any movie, ever.
  • Princess Leia!


Our Death Star plans dresses are Her Universe and available at  Scout is wearing a Small and I am wearing a 2XL.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Fashion Alert: Bomber Jackets

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If you’ve been holiday shopping lately, you’ve noticed that bomber jackets are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.  There is such a great variety of styles for men and women, it is a great trend to make a part of your wardrobe.

The kiddo and I already had two different bomber jackets each that we found in the men’s department of Walmart.  Yep, Walmart.  They were twelve bucks each.  Although they were very inexpensive, they have held up well over the past year with multiple washings and regular wear and tear.  Here I am in my Captain America jacket:


Hot Topic has several styles to choose from.  Here is my Tony Stark bomber:

With the variety out there, you don’t have to find a nerd-specific jacket.  You can pick out a festive version and pair it with your existing nerdwear.  Here is a sparkly bomber from Forever 21 that I paired with my Doctor Strange t-shirt from Box Lunch.


Now that everything is on sale for the holidays, get out there and get creative with your outerwear!

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them…)

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I’m playing a little catch up with holiday films and holiday prep in general.  Hero Within’s first shipments are arriving, so I am a busy elf getting those packages out to our customers.  Blog posts keep getting pushed back.

Scout and I got to see “Fantastic Beasts…” a couple of weeks ago.  I gotta say, Wow!  What an enjoyable movie.  As usual, I am not a movie critic and will not try to be one today, but here are some thoughts on the film.

  • A hearty “THANK YOU!” to JK for taking us back into the wizarding world.
  • A Hufflepuff hero at last!
  • Newt is a textbook Hufflepuff.  I love how he is portrayed in the film.
  • Setting the story a couple of generations ahead of Harry was a great idea.  You get to go back to the wizarding world and get a period piece on top of it.  Fabulous!
  • Jacob is just the best.  I crush on him so hard.
  • Queenie, what’s not to love?  She is amazing.  All I could do was picture Marilyn Monroe playing her back in the day.
  • Addressing the Puritan roots of most Americans and how that would realistically effect the wizarding world.  The “New Salemers”…brilliant!
  • I want a pet niffler.
  • The American rules for wizards and witches are kind of jerky.  I hope we start to mellow out in the next film.
  • This movie has one of my all-time favorite endings to a movie EVER!  That ending was a hug.  A total hug.

I know it is past time to say this, but if you can, get to the movies as soon as you can and check out this movie.  Scout and I loved it!


Our cloches are from Target.

Love, Kim and Scout

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Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con Recap: Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show

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OK, in our last recap of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, I wanted to recap the Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show.  I actually walked in the show, which was the first time doing anything like this for me.  Scary, oh yeah!  But, I did it!

This year’s show also featured male models for the first time.  My company, Hero Within, brought geeky menswear to the show for the first time.  The crowd loved it!  Hero Within’s designer, CEO and my boss, Tony B. Kim, and I loved getting confirmation that this is a market that is sorely needed in the geek world.



I walked for Elhoffer Designs in my Hufflepuff badger sweater.  As I told Scout, I didn’t trip and/or fall, so I don’t have to change my name and move out of state, HA!






I’d like to thank Katie Elhoffer for the amazing opportunity!  I hope this is the first of many shows in the future!

You can buy the designs for Hero Within here, and for Elhoffer Design here.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

*All photos: Le Geek So Chic and watermarked with photographer’s name

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Geeky Gift Guide

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With the various holidays approaching quickly, we thought we would show you some great gift ideas for the geeky nerd in your life.

Batman Peacoat

Our first choice is tooting my own horn to be sure.  Hero Within’s Batman Peacoat is a great gift idea for the geeky man in your life.  Size inclusive (up to a 2XL) and including a utility belt built into the design, this coat is battastic!

Photo: Hero Within 

Buy it at Hero Within.

Hogwarts House Sweaters

Next up are the fabulous house sweaters from Elhoffer Design. Again, these are size inclusive (going up to 3XL, which is what I have on in the picture).  They feature a great hi/lo design that is perfect for wearing with your favorite leggings and boots.  Thumb holes included in the sleeves as well.

Photo: Le Geek So Chic by Manny Llanura Photography

Buy the sweaters at Elhoffer Design.

Mermaid Leggings

Our next choice is from Castle Corsetry.  I have a pair of these leggings myself and I LOVE them!  Castle Corsetry is, like everything we feature here, size inclusive (up to 2XL), they use sturdy and soft fabrics that hold their shape wash after wash and the fit is fantastic.

Photo: Castle Corsetry

Buy them at Castle Corsetry.

Star Trek Dresses

Last up is the new Star Trek collection from Gold Bubble Clothing.  There are six different styles in the Trek collection, so lots to choose from.  Gold Bubble Clothing also now has sizing up to 2XL (I usually wear their XL, but in the picture below I’m modeling their 2XL which has a little more length if you prefer a longer skirt).  This dress is fabulous for going out on the town or to wear to work.


Buy it at Gold Bubble Clothing.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout


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Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con: Report from the Floor

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After a quick hiatus on RAHNAV, we are back up and posting.  Now on to the recaps of the last con of the year, Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con fka Comikaze.

With the addition of the Le Geek So Chic fashion show (more on that in our next recap), this con has turned into a big destination con for geek fashions of all types.  This is a con that Scout and I always look forward to.  It takes place on Halloween weekend aka cosplay Christmas, so the cosplay is always amazing at this con as well.

Another thing we really like about it is that it is a smaller con, so seeing the whole floor is not a problem.  We also really like that Stan Lee displays his collection on the floor as well.

Here are some photos from the floor this year:

Scout found this great hand-tooled leather journal for ten bucks!

Our favorite booth was Refreshing Designs.  Their hand-made tiaras are just beautiful and the price was right!

Next recap, I’ll go into detail about the fashion show, which featured the company I work for, Hero Within, and I walked in it.  Talk about out of the comfort zone!

Until next time…


Love, Kim and Scout