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Outfit of the Day: Wednesday Addams

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Happy Halloween aka Cosplay Christmas ūüôā

OK, so I got this dress from Hot Topic several months ago and LOVE it! ¬†Because I love it so much, I decided to go the full Wednesday for Halloween this year, braids and all (pics to come…). ¬†Between now and Halloween, however, I can enjoy this great dress everyday.


Trusty combat boots from Torrid, wand (which I’ve named “Wanda” by the way) from Olivanders¬†naturally, and book is “Wiccapedia”, available at Amazon. ¬†If you are intersted in witchcraft at all, please pick this book up. ¬†It is a great jumping off point to learning and studying the craft.


I’m wearing a 2XL in regular junior size in this dress. ¬†The plus size wasn’t available until recently and it looks to be a bit longer and the sizing will be a bit bigger. ¬†The dress is stretch velvet, and is super comfortable.

I love the look of this dress. ¬†It really helps get me in the mood for Halloween! ¬†Oh, who am I kidding, I’m always ready for Halloween!

Next week, recaps of both Halloween and Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. ¬†Until then…

Love, Kim and Scout

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Outfit of the Day: Adventure Time!

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For our next outfit of the day, Scout and I are showing off our new Adventure Time dresses from Hot Topic.


These dresses are adorable and size inclusive. ¬†I’m wearing a 2X and Scout is wearing an adult Medium. ¬†I’m a size 18/20 and Scout is a junior size 10/12 for reference.

The dresses are skater style and length with a Peter Pan collar that is just too cute!


Scout and I both think these dresses are totally math! ¬†I’m wearing mine with combat boots from Torrid. ¬†As you can see by Scout’s styling, you can wear these for a warm weather weekend as well with some sandals. ¬†As the weather gets colder, we’ll be able to pair these with leggings and tall boots. ¬†Our round sunnies are from Forever 21.

Here’s a close up look at the print. ¬†All of the characters from the Land of Oooh are represented, including my spirit animal, LSP:

Photo: Hot Topic


So, when you are ready to go on your own adventure, then you will be ready to do the bro fist bump!


Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Outfit of the Day: Long Coat and Goth Wear

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Now that Fall is officially here (someone please tell California that, because it is 95 degrees outside today!), it is time to start looking at outerwear.

This coat is a fabulous find from Hot Topic.


I love the details with the peplum waist and corset-ish details on the sides. ¬†The length is fantastic as well. ¬†Perfect for wearing with dresses or pants. ¬†There is also the option of zipping up the coat or snaps. ¬†The styling is perfect for Halloween time and for wearing with your goth dresses. ¬†I’m wearing a 3x, which is a little on the large side for me, but I have room for a sweater underneath on extra cold days. ¬†I’m a size 18/20 for reference. ¬†My cool witches broom is a find at the local witch store, but I found a similar one here. ¬†I do have one issue with the coat, which is no pockets! ¬†I have never encountered a coat without pockets, so that is a bummer, but overall I like the look and fit of this coat.


The boots are from Torrid.  Here is a better view of my dress from Living Dead Clothing:


Next time we’ll look at more Fall, goth and Halloween time looks.

Love, Kim and Scout

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Dressed to the 9 3/4 at Universal Studios Hollywood

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The great thing about living in such a great city like LA, is that there is never a shortage of fun things to do.  Another great thing, is that the geek/nerd populace is thriving here, so there is never a shortage of fun NERD things to do either.

Dumbledore’s Army, LA hosted a great event at Universal Studios, Hollywood at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter called “Dressed to the 9 3/4”. ¬†Basically, it was Dapper Day, Universal edition. ¬†Potterheads descended upon the park in their best vintage looks with a Harry Potter twist. ¬†Here are some photos from the day with the kiddo and our friends.




Now, as for the Scout and my outfits, here are the details:

Shoes by Converse

Petticoats from Amazon

Dresses from Target

Fascinators from JoAnn Fabric


The brooches were a creation of my own. ¬†I used fabric from JoAnn’s folded into a pocket square and added pins and earrings and hot glue gunned the whole thing together. ¬†Here they are up close:


It looked like the event was a success, so here’s hoping that they do it again next year!

If you have some pics from the day, we’d love to see them!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Halloween Decor

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OK, so the kiddo’s and my favorite time of year is coming soon! ¬†Halloween!!! ¬†We love Halloween aka Cosplay Christmas, more than any other time of the year. ¬†I mean, a holiday dedicated to dressing up? ¬†Yes, please!

Every year, we wait as long as possible to decorate the castle.  We held out as long as we could again this year, but the time has come to decorate.

Here is how we decorated the inside of the castle:


All the items are from Michael’s craft store, except the Rumple dagger, that is from Spirit Halloween.

We just got a nice variety of fun things to place on the mantle and stuck with a black, white and grey color scheme.

Here’s the outside of the castle:


First off, we love our new acquisition, Torch aka the inflatable dragon.  We got him at Big Lots.


Here’s some upclose of the front door area:

The Ouja doormat and broom are from Spirit Halloween. ¬†The pumpkins and skulls are all from Michael’s.

Here’s an upclose look at the monster door:


When you have a colorful front door, making a monster door is just about the easiest thing ever. ¬†If you don’t have a colorful front door, you can cover the door with wrapping paper and then make a monster, no problem. ¬†You just need posterboard and a big pair or google eyes from Michael’s and you’re all set! ¬†Check out¬†Pintrest for tons of fun ideas on how to make your own unique door.

So happy that Halloween approaches!  Please send us pictures of your decorating ideas!

Love, Kim and Scout