Fashion Alert: Ashley Nell Tipton Collection for JC Penney

“Project Runway” winner, Ashley Nell Tipton, has a new plus-size collection available now at JC Penney.  When I saw this, I went to the site to check it out.  She’s designed some really nice casual and work-ready wear.

I have not road-tested any of the pieces, but from previous experience with JC Penney, the quality is very good for the price.  Their sizing also tends to be true-to-size in the plus size realm as well, which is always welcome.

Here are some of the pieces that really caught my eye:


I love the look and detailing of this skirt and the length is perfect for work or weekend.


Again, these looks work great for work or weekend.  I love the details that she adds to the mix, the laces at the top of the dress.  Also, the length is perfect.  Not too short, which can be a problem for plus-size fashion.

So, check our her collection here.  Send any pics of your new fashions to us.  We love to see them!

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

*All photos: JC Penney

New Captain America Shield

I have a Captain America shield that was a lucky find at a con for 50 bucks that I love.  I cosplay with it often.  It’s sturdy, but lightweight.  I’ve named her Peg, and when I’m not cosplaying with her, she is proudly on display in the living room.

But, being the Cap fanatic that I am, when I found out about a new Cap shield available from Hasbro in their Legends series, I was very curious.


As any Cap fan knows, you can get a shield for 40 bucks at a Halloween store, but it is oversized and flimsy plastic.  There are better ways to spend 40 bucks for sure.  The other option is to buy a replica shield for a lot of money, in the hundreds of dollars.  In addition to spending a lot of money, these shields tend to be quite heavy as well.  They are gorgeous, but not very practical for a long day of cosplay.

So, Hasbro’s offering is a cosplayer’s dream come true!  I had been hoping for an option like this one as Scout’s little kid shield is way too small for her now, and she has been wanting an upgrade for future cosplay projects.

The shield is 100 bucks and well worth the money.  The shield is plastic, but heavy duty with a super shiny finish on the shield itself.  The shield looks like it is made from vibranium and it is light like vibranium.


The inside is silver and has great rivet details on it and sturdy and adjustable leather straps.  There are also leather mounting straps already on it, so if you have a shield harness, you’re all set!


The shield is a little bit larger than Peg, but only a little bit.  It is a good size for men and women cosplayers.  It is a bit big for smaller kids, but Scout could carry it (she’s 10).  Peg is the perfect size for her, so she has inherited Peg, and I have now adopted this shield and named him, “Carter”.


Click here to get one of these beauties for yourself, but hurry, because they are selling like crazy!


Send us some pics with your new shields so we can share them!

Until next time.

Love, Kim and Scout

*Photo of box: Hasbro


SDCC Recap: Our First Panel!

Our last recap of SDCC 2016 is a report on our very first panel, Cosplaying with Your Kid.

Neither Scout nor I had ever done a panel at any con before, so what we were thinking going for the big Kahuna on the first time out, I’m sure I don’t know, but it is kind of how we roll.

Friday @ 2-00Marriott Marquis North TowerRoom Pacific 24 - (1)

We were joined on our panel by Moderator, Anastasia Washington, who did an amazing job keeping kids and parents focused and on topic.  The kids were fantastic!  I was proud of each and every one of them.  Cosplay Michael and his squad even traveled all the way from Florida to attend.  We were so excited to meet our fellow panelists and made con buddies for life!

Please watch the video of the panel below, courtesy of the Hangin’ With Show (aka Cosplay Michael’s parents)

Following the panel, Cosplay Michael and his squad, Scout, and I had a photo shoot with Justin Davidson Photography.  Here are some of the great shots he got of us:


As always, if you want some great pictures, please book Justin here.

Thank you to everyone that came out to see our panel.  We hope you left with some good information on getting started cosplaying with your kid(s).  If you do, please send us pictures!  We would love to see what you all are up to!

This panel was a dream come true for us.  Scout and I always thought about it, but never thought that we could make it happen, until we just decided to make it happen.  Living your best life will do that for you, but you can’t do anything without the support of your friends.  We are forever grateful to you all!


This is only the beginning of our adventures!

Love, Kim and Scout

*All pro photos: Justin Davidson Photography