Back to School Fashions: By Scout, Age 10

I love going back to school! It is a way to express yourself and show your fandoms with your clothing.

I love going shopping at places like Hot Topic and Her Universe because they sell lots of geeky clothing as well as rings, necklaces, and much, much more.


If you don’t want to wear the geeky clothes you can also wear a dress, skirt, or shirt that only has one color then you can wear jewelry that’s main color is the same as what clothes you are wearing.

One good thing about school is that you almost always have a library nearby.

At my school, in 3rd grade you can join the orchestra and learn to read music.  In my opinion, that is a good idea as well as learning how to play an instrument.

That is why I love going back to school!

Until next time!

Love, Kim and Scout

*Both dresses from Hot Topic

*Sneakers by Converse

*Sunglasses from Forever 21

*Necklace one-of-a-kind, but similar one available on Etsy


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