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Comic Con Fever

herowithin The SUPERMAN blazer from the Hero Within collection.

Hero Within is a brand new line of men’s “geek chic” clothing, inspired by your favourite DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and more. I spoke to designer Tony Kim about his experiences creating the line, and what Hero Within means to him.

Hero Within is described by Kim as “born out of a frustration for the lack of anything for sophisticated geeks to wear”, and the line boasts a unique, “empowering” style which is “perfect for the office, out on a date, or attending an event.”

When asked about his inspirations, Kim told me that he is a “lifelong DC Comics fan”, explaining that “the Justice League embodies everything wonderful about heroism” and that he “wanted something that celebrated that.”

herowithin2 BATMAN Blazer [Grey] Kim’s fashion inspirations came from many sources, including “Anne Wintour of Vogue and Ralph Lauren of…

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