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SDCC Recap: Report from the Floor

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This year’s SDCC had a lot of offer on the floor.  From costumes to movie props and a big honkin’ statue of Cap, the floor had a lot to do and see as per usual at SDCC.  So let’s get to it!

First off, the most important part of the floor for Scout and me, the fashion choices!  We Love Fine and Her Universe had two booths each, one in the Star Wars area and one on the floor on kind of a fashion row.  Here are some snaps of the offerings:

We picked up a great ladies of Marvel dress by Her Universe from Loot Crate, which we wore on the floor.

There were some costumes on display as well.  Like these from “Rogue One” and “Ghostbusters”.  “Ghostbusters” also had some props on display like the ghost chipper and Holtzmann’s proton pistols.

When I was wearing my Rey dress by Elhoffer Design, I came across a very expensive replica prop of her staff.  The guy manning the booth was nice enough to let me pose with it.  I apologize for the blurry pic.  You never know what the photo taking skill is of a total stranger on the floor, but I was nonetheless grateful for the picture.


The Lego booth, as always, had some fantastic Lego creations that you could pose with.  Scout and I got some pictures with Cap:

There was also a shield you could take a picture holding.  Good thing it was bolted to the floor…

The biggest and most awesome sight on the floor was the Cap statue, celebrating his 75th anniversary.  The statue is now on display in Brooklyn, but SDCC got a preview.

Next time will be our last report from SDCC, all about our panel and our cosplay.

Until then…

Love, Kim and Scout


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Kid Coulson reviews the new Cap Shield

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Hello True Believers!  Wanted to share this fantastic video unboxing of the new Hasbro Cap Shield by Kid Coulson.  There’s also a special appearance by, wait, no spoilers, just watch:


Love, Kim and Scout

*Lead photo: of a Hasbro Product

*Video by Kid Coulson

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Fashion Alert:

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Good morning Nerds! I am proud and so excited to share with you the project I’ve been working on. I’m the Operations Manager for a wonderful company that I hope will bring some happiness and most of all, fashion, to your lives, Hero Within!

Social Media 02

We opened the store in July for pre-orders to tremendous success and fantastic feedback from the fans!  You like us!  You really like us!  So, we re-opened the store to pre-orders.

To answer a few questions fans have had so far:

  1. Yes, we are size inclusive.  We go all the way up to a 2XL.  There is a size guide on the site to help you out.  So far, fit feedback has been that everything is “true to size”.  The heavy peacoat, however, does run slightly small because of the bulkier fabric.
  2. Yes, we will be offering more designs in the Justice League collection.  We are just getting started!
  3. Yes, pants, specifically jeans, will be coming soon.  The denim is so soft you guys!
  4. Yes, we will be offering more than just DC Comics items, but please be patient while we get going.
  5. No, we do not have women’s wear as of yet.  That does not mean it is off the table, however.  Send me a comment below, and I’m happy to send you to some fabulous women’s wear sites with all the geeky clothes you can handle.  And size inclusive, of course!

Please stop by today and peruse the selection from our first collection, The Justice League! This is officially licensed product, high quality and board room/con ready. There are several differently sized interior pockets for your phone, tablet and even a comic book or two, or three… Hero Within is also size inclusive, so you can get your fashion on, no matter your size.

Here’s some photos from the site to get you started:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, and for all you fanboys, welcome to fashion! You are no longer stuck with t-shirts and hoodies as your only nerdy fashion choices! It’s your turn!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

*All photos: Hero Within Inc.

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In Defense of the Selfie

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Apparently this article needs to make the rounds again.  

OK, so another day, another “selfies are the worst” post on social media.  This is in addition to the “all selfie sticks should be banned, banned I say!” post.  I just don’t get it.

I post selfies all the time.  Outfit of the Day selfies, look at my new dress selfies, about to go do a thing at a place selfie, cosplay selfies, selfies with my kid, selfies with my friends, tons of them.  My inspiration for each type of selfie is different, but there is a thread of self-confidence and self-care that runs through each of the reasons for posting a selfie.  A selfie is almost always a joyous expression of your life.  Here I am with my kid!  Here I am celebrating with my friends!  I got to go to this cool thing!  I’m happy! I like myself!  So where does the hate come from?

We get bombarded with messages all day every day about how to make yourself better.  Improve your appearance with our fabulous product!  Buy our thing that makes you look thinner! You see it long enough, you begin to believe that you are in constant need of improving oneself, so who do you think you are taking selfies, you chud?  People get to feeling this way about themselves and see someone that loves to post selfies all the time, and negative feelings surface.  Misery loves company.

I used to be in the camp that didn’t get the whole selfie thing.  I was also the saddest I had ever been in my life.  Things changed for me.  I began to take care of myself and really break old habits for good.  No more looking in the mirror and criticizing myself.  No more diverting a compliment away from myself.  I just accept a compliment now.  Women in particular are so bad about this.  You see, my daughter is getting older, and I have to set the example for her.  I cannot allow her to begin these damaging habits as she enters her teen years.  Something happened to me that broke the old habits and started a whole new habit of selfie-ing.

Nerdvember happened.  What the heck is that, you ask?  The website has a contest every November wherein you post a selfie a day in a nerdy outfit.  Each selfie enters you in a contest to win some kick-ass clothes.  It is not only a challenge to find a different nerd themed outfit a day for an entire month, but you get real used to seeing yourself posted on social media when you do it day after day.  I started to see the positive comments from my Instagram followers.  I chose to accept the compliments.  They kept rolling in.  I got to the point where I could actually compliment myself. No more negative talk about myself allowed. Check out for tons of great fashion news, tips and DIY projects!

What is the result of this?  Well, I get up in the morning and dress for the day without self-doubt or criticism.  I’m confident, which I swear makes me look even better.  Dropping all that negativity also makes you happier.  Nice to not drag that self-critical baggage around.

The selfies I post lead to more compliments, which lead to more confidence, which leads to a happier self, and so on.  My daughter sees all of this.  I overhear her friends already worrying about their appearances.  They are nine and ten years of age.  Scary.  My kid, on the other hand, ventures forth with confidence and self-care.

Whenever I see a friend has posted a selfie, my first thought is, “Well, good for them!”  and usually, “They look amazing!”  I know they are practicing self-care and self-love.  It’s a great thing to see.  Gives me a confidence boost as well.

So next time you see a selfie, maybe take a different look at it.  Think of where is comes from and maybe you can come from that same place as well.  You’ve got the ability.  Your friends are waiting to see that moment of joy from you.  Let them see it.

Love, Kim and Scout

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SDCC Recap: The Her Universe Fashion Show

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In continuing our recaps of SDCC 2016, Scout and I wanted to talk about the Her Universe Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show is also a competition.  This year there will be three winners.  One judges choice, one audience choice and one audience choice from votes on the Comic Con HQ channel.  The three winners get to design a special collection to be sold at Hot Topic.

The show is in its third year, and has quickly become a highlight of the con for Scout and me.  We look forward to attending every year and make sure we dress accordingly.  Here’s what we wore to this year’s show:


Here is what Her Universe CEO, Ashley Eckstein wore.  Yes, that is a dress made of Lego bricks.  10,000 bricks on the dress, weighing in at 20 pounds!  It was beautiful!  Ahsoka lives, indeed!


Here is the judges winner, Hannah “Hanime” Kent, modeling her own creation “Fabulously Furiosa”:

Here is the audience winner, Camille Falciola’s creation “I Solemly Swear I’m Up to Couture”.  The ink appeared and disappeared on the dress itself.  Crazy cool!


Here is the winner that Scout and I chose, Selina Zawacki “Szmoon” and her creation, “The Always Dress”.  The patronus lights up and disappears.  It was so beautiful.  I wanted to take that one home with me right then and there!


The third winner will be selected on Comic Con HQ soon.

While we were waiting for votes to be counted, if you wanted to walk the runway you could, so guess what Scout the Awesome did?  You guessed it!


She killed it!  I wish I was a better photographer so I could’ve caught her cape flourish at the end of the runway.  I was so proud!

If you ever attend SDCC, I highly recommend going to the show.  To just take in all the beautiful designs and the creative spirit of the event, is just amazing.

OK, next time a recap of the floor, our panel and Hero Within!

Love, Kim and Scout


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Outfit of the Day: Ghostbuster Fashion

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I bet you never would see “Ghostbuster” and “Fashion” in the same sentence did ya?  I know I didn’t!  I mean, coveralls just don’t get the fashion job done.  However, things have changed this year with the addition of lady Ghostbusters.

All the ladies have their individual styles, but Holtzmann in particular has captured the imaginations of fangirls everywhere.  Scout and I saw the movie four times, and we got new fashion ideas from Jillian every viewing.


Now, coveralls do continue to be a fashion challenge, but what we’ve all learned from this movie is that accessories are key to creating a Ghostbusters-inspired look.  From Patty’s earrings and her signature necklace, Abby’s glasses and Chucks, Erin’s “World’s tiniest bowtie” and Holtzmann’s goggles and yellow-lensed glasses, adding one or two distinctive accessories and you can bust the fashion rules in no time.

Not to leave you fellas out, Kevin brings some fashion to the table as well.  Although phones remain a challenge for him, fashion most certainly does not.


Nerd boy chic will always be a winner!

Scout and I have some cosplay in the works to share with you at Comikaze, but until then, here’s some fashion inspiration for the Holtzmann in all of us.

Scout couldn’t wait to cosplay, so she jumped right into it.  I can’t stop looking for Holtzmann glasses, so there you go!

Shopping info below, so put down the salty parabolas and get going!

20160717_160103 (2).jpg

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

*Lead photo and all photos from film: Sony Pictures

*Pro photo of Scout’s cosplay by Justin Davidson Photography.

*Yellow lensed glasses from Amazon

*Blue lensed glasses from Forever 21

*Kids’ Ghostbusters costume from Spirit Halloween (inflatable proton pack included)

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Back to School Fashions: By Scout, Age 10

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I love going back to school! It is a way to express yourself and show your fandoms with your clothing.

I love going shopping at places like Hot Topic and Her Universe because they sell lots of geeky clothing as well as rings, necklaces, and much, much more.


If you don’t want to wear the geeky clothes you can also wear a dress, skirt, or shirt that only has one color then you can wear jewelry that’s main color is the same as what clothes you are wearing.

One good thing about school is that you almost always have a library nearby.

At my school, in 3rd grade you can join the orchestra and learn to read music.  In my opinion, that is a good idea as well as learning how to play an instrument.

That is why I love going back to school!

Until next time!

Love, Kim and Scout

*Both dresses from Hot Topic

*Sneakers by Converse

*Sunglasses from Forever 21

*Necklace one-of-a-kind, but similar one available on Etsy


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SDCC Recap: Destination Nerd Panel

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While we didn’t get to attend many of the panels we wanted to, Scout and I did get to go to the Destination Nerd panel.  It was pretty great with tons of great tips for traveling while nerd.

The panelists were: Anastasia Washington (Anastationtv, Legion of Leia), CuriousJoi (CuriousJoi, Icon) , Brittany Heyden (TenaciousBee Designs), Jasmine Rubero (TheBeheaded), Marlon (Nerd Coolture), Jennifer Kretchmer (Producer, Actress), Michelle I am Chubby Bunny Bradley (Geek and Sundry, Otaku Movie Anatomy) , and Katie Elhoffer (Elhoffer Design). Moderated by Emily Kelley (GameScribes).

destination nerd
The Destination Nerd Panelists

The panelists discussed their ultimate nerdy destinations.  Great places discussed were Japan (because it is so very nerdcentric), Orlando obviously for Disney World as well as Hogwarts, NYC for Marvel locations and to go see “Hamilton” and the UK for castles and the Harry Potter tour.

Hogwarts in CA. 

The panelists also discussed fashion while traveling.  Bounding is key on trips while nerding out.  Cosplay is impractical, but bounding is a great way to express your fandom and be fashionable while traveling.  Scout and I love bounding.  It is a such a great way to be creative with your fashion and be practical for everyday wear.  Pintrest is a great place to get started with bounding ideas if you aren’t sure how to get started.

Pack that car and get traveling!

I also picked up some great tricks for making travel easier and more secure.  Check out the Tripit app, put important information into a Dropbox, check out Tile to secure your bags and vodka cleans everything imaginable!  I did not know that.  Is there anything vodka can’t do?  Apparently not!  I knew I liked you, vodka!

Scout and I are going to London this Christmas, so all these travel tips were super helpful.  What a great panel!

Next time, more from SDCC.  Until then…

Love, Kim and Scout

*Lead photo:

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SDCC 2016 Recap: Game of Bloggers

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To to kick off the con right, I had planned on attending Game of Bloggers, which is a party hosted by Tony B. Kim of Crazy 4 Comic Con fame.  But… since Tony is now my boss at Hero Within (more on that later), he asked if I would help produce the party.  I was happy to take on the challenge!


In case you were not able to make it, Game of Bloggers is in its second “season” at SDCC playing host to over a hundred bloggers, vloggers and other content providers in the geek world.  The venue was the Dragon’s Den restaurant and lemme tell you, the food, so good!  If you are in downtown San Diego ever, make a stop there.

The party was sponsored by Castle Corsetry, Elhoffer Design, Hero Within, Justin Davidson Photography and WowWee.

DJ Kelly DLux provided the tunes and kept up the energy!


WowWee donated a ton of most excellent nerdy toys for a Twitter giveaway!  How do you make nerds happy?  Give them free robots, that’s how!

Scout is off to her first SDCC Party!

Everyone had a great time!  Elhoffer Design had some dresses on display as well as a preview of Hero Within’s first collection, The Justice League!

I met a ton of new people and made a lot of connections.  I’m looking forward to next year’s already!

Next time, the Destination Nerd panel and the Her Universe Fashion Show recap.  Until then…

Love, Kim and Scout