Fashion Alert: Body Positivity Week over at BuzzFeed

Hey everyone!  BuzzFeed is having a Body Positivity Week!

Please go here and check out the great stories and get inspired!

Lead Photo and this photo: BuzzFeed

I mean, check out this ballerina!

Photo: BuzzFeed


Love, Kim and Scout


Fashion How-To: T-shirt Surgery

I’ve been talking about t-shirt surgery for a while now on this blog.  So, I figured it was high time I showed you how to alter a shirt for yourself.

To express my dismay for the worst son EVER, I got this shirt:


T-shirt is from Jordandene.  Get it here.

I got the unisex shirt in an XL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  As you can see, the neckline is way too high for a girl.  It is unflattering and uncomfortable.  The rest of the shirt fits great and is super-soft, but that neckline tho.

So, time to surgically remove that collar.  I like to cut the neck out asymetrically, so one side is more open than the other.  Then I wear a bra with straps that are color coordinated.  Kind of Flashdancy, but I’m an 80s child after all.  If you want the sides to be even, just mark the shirt that way.

Step One: Wash and dry the shirt.  Even if it is super soft already, go ahead, so the cuts will be where you want them.

Step Two: Get a pair of fabric scissors.  You can get these anywhere, but keep in mind that once you have them, keep them as fabric only scissors.  Don’t use them for anything else.  Fabric scissors need to be super-sharp and cutting anything, especially paper, dulls them quickly.  You need to be able to make precise and clean cuts.

Step Three: Put the shirt on and in a mirror, look at where you want the new opening to end.  Now move your finger in about a half inch toward your neck.  Make a mark here with a marker.  Mark the other side.  Reason you move in a bit is the neckline will stretch a little.  Be cautious here.  If you find the opening is too small once your done, then just cut a little more.  If you cut too much from the start, your stuck with it.  Better to be cautious.

Step Four: Lay the shirt out flat on a table.  Use the scissors to make a tiny snip on the mark on one shoulder.  Then put one scissor blade into the shirt and start to cut towards the other mark.


Step Five: Flip open the section of shirt you just cut.  Like this:


Step Six: Now you have a guide to cut the back-side of the shirt.


Step Seven: Give the neckline a GENTLE tug.  Try it on and see if you like it or need to do a little more trimming.


Here’s my finished project:


Post any questions you have in the comments.  Also, send us some pics of your creations!  Scout and I would love to see them!

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

Free Comic Book Day!

Happy Free Comic Book Day, nerds!  Make sure you go to your local shop and pick up some free books.  Most comic shops have great deals, events, cosplayers and signings going on too.  Take a look at the Free Comic Book Day site to find a store near you.  Enjoy!

Free Comic Book Day Website

Love, Kim and Scout

Captain America: Civil War Fashion

OK, today’s the day!  Finally, “Captain America: Civil War” opens in theatres!  As firm members of Team Cap, and  Cap obsessed individuals in general, both Scout and I are super stoked!  Scout and I have tickets for tomorrow and Sunday (best Mother’s Day EVER!).  We will have our thoughts to share at a later date, but until that time, let’s look at some Cap fashions and cosplay, shall we?

First up is the uniform dress I’m wearing to the movie.


This dress is from Think Geek.  Get it here.  I’m wearing a 2x.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.

I love this kind of easy everyday cosplay.  You can express your fandom with comfort.

One Marvel dress that Scout and I both have is from Hot Topic.  Get it here.


Scout is wearing a Small and I’m wearing an XL.  This dress goes all the way up to 3X.

In addition to everyday cosplay, Scout and I both like to cosplay Cap.

Scout started young cosplaying Cap and our first duo cosplay we wore our Cap poodle skirts.

This year’s WonderCon, I finally got to cosplay Cap with a custom made corset from Castle Corsetry, but the first day, I cosplayed a casual Civil War Cap.

Contact Castle Corsetry for information about your own cosplay dreams!

Photos by Justin Davidson Photography


All pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

So, tomorrow we are off to the movies.  I hope you guys all have your tickets.  More on our thoughts on the movie later!  Go Team Cap!!!

cap pocket

Love, Kim and Scout

Raising a Geek: Part Three- Captain America

*This is a repost from earlier in the year, but to celebrate the opening of “Captain America: Civil War”, I thought this could use a revisit.  Scout and I are firmly Team Cap!

Recently, I had a terrible cold and had to spend several days at home recovering and not spreading the joy of the cold around.  I spent that time watching my favorite movies, which included Captain America for the most part. Around the same time, I finally commissioned a Captain America cosplay.  During my first fitting, Lauren, of Castle Corsetry fame, asked me, “Why Captain America?”  I hadn’t really thought about it before.  Why is Cap my favorite super hero?

My geek life began with Star Wars when I was nine years old.  That fandom was pretty much my chief fandom for a very long time.  Comic book reading and collecting passed me by when I was a kid.  I had friends that collected and read comics, but I never got on board with it.  Most likely because the movies based on comic books didn’t capture my imagination until I was an adult.  With the exception of the Arthurian legend, you pretty much have to give me a great movie to get me on board with a fandom.  I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is with me.  Films really speak to me.  I just love me some movies!

When the first Cap movie was in the process of being made, I thought, “Well, if it gets us to an Avengers movie, then let’s do this.”  I was very unenthusiastic about it, to be perfectly honest.  Scout was a preschooler at the time and had just started going to superhero movies in the theatres.  She wanted to go and was able to sit through a movie at the time, so I would go see the movie first to make sure there wasn’t anything too much for her, then I would take her.  Cap was an exception.  Due to time, I didn’t have time to go see it without her first, so I read some online reviews that break movies down for parents to help them gauge if the movie will be OK for your kid or not.  If you have a little one at home, go to  Their reviews are great for gauging if your kid can handle a movie or not.  Movie Mom is also a good choice.

So, off we go to see the first Cap movie.  Scout and I loved it!  I walked out and said, “Well, I have a favorite superhero now!”  The heart and spirit of that movie sold me completely.  I have a soft spot for WWII movies as well, since both of my grandfathers fought in that war.  I tend to romanticize it because of the fashions and the music as well.  I loved how Cap just plain doesn’t like bullies and fights the good fight.  He’s too corny for some, but I just loved him immediately.  Scout also loved it for different reasons.  Her review through her five year old eyes was, “He was a little kid like me and nobody listened to him, but he got a chance to be big and strong.  When he was big and strong he fought against bullies and was brave.”  She asked to get a costume after the movie.  She wore that Cap costume out!  That was when she really started to cosplay hardcore.  She cosplayed at movies and of course at cons.  She got a Cap action figure that rode around in her school backpack from her first day of kindergarten on.

Scout Cap
The Cap action figure is in that princess backpack!

After that, we both became pretty much Cap obsessed.  I have so many Cap leggings, dresses, toys, etc. that I should be embarrassed.  But I’m not.  I everyday cosplay Cap constantly.  I just really love what he stands for.  I absolutely get why he is such an enduring character in the Marvel universe.  Cap was a gateway to comic reading as well.  Now, let’s just say Scout and I have quite a pull list!

This photo and the lead photo are by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.

So, it is no surprise that my first opportunity to cosplay, I called Cap and was off and running.

Cap poodle

Cap was the first character that Scout and I discovered together and grew up in our fandom with together.  He has a lot of meaning to both of us.  There are a lot of great lady superheroes and tough chick characters out there to enjoy as well, but don’t dismiss the guys just because they’re guys.  I love that geeky universes are including us ladies more than ever before.  I just see that as double the opportunities for a character to capture your imagination.  The inclusiveness makes this time we find ourselves in the greatest time to be a geek, and the best possible time to raise a geek.

Scout and I are having the time of our lives, and we love sharing these times with you!

Love, Kim and Scout


Outfit of the Day #1

We interupt Cap Week for May the 4th Be With You!  In honor of Star Wars Day, please enjoy our very first Outfit of the Day and May the Force Be With You!

Our first Outfit of the Day post features one of our favorite sites,

_JDP4737 _JDP4763

As you can imagine, we got a lot of use out of these dresses during the month of December, which became an unofficial Star Wars month.

Scout Jedi  Us and Vader

You can buy the dress here.

There are also leggings available in black and grey.  I’m trying to resist the urge to buy them, but if you know me at all, I’ll have these soon for sure!  Leggings are here and here.

Scout is wearing a small and I’m wearing an XL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  The fit of both the dresses and leggings are fantastic!  Lots of stretch, but still lots of structure in the design.  The fabrics are thick enough that there isn’t a see-through issue, even with the white fabric.  The leggings are also long, so tall girls can wear them too.  The waist on the leggings is also a natural rise and not a low rise, so you don’t have to constantly tug them back up all day.  Gold Bubble’s pieces also last forever.  I have no problem with Scout wearing these to school. With all the playground mayhem, her Gold Bubble pieces still look great.  I have leggings in regular wardrobe rotation and a year later, they still look like new.

If you like the top two photos, Justin Davidson took those for this blog.  You can check out his website and book him here:

Happy Shopping and May the Force Be With You!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #2

Because “Captain America: Civil War” is opening this week, I thought these great Tony Stark everyday cosplays deserved a second look.  HOWEVER, Scout and I remain Team Cap forever!!!

For my Outfit of the Day #2, I chose one of my favorite new jackets.  Justin Davidson Photography took some fun shots of the jacket with props for this blog.


For everyday styling, I styled the jacket this way:


The shirt dress is from Torrid as are the boots, but if you are not a plus size, then Forever 21 has similar dresses in standard sizing.  Here is how I accessorized the outfit:


The Stark-esque glasses are $10 cheapies from Walmart.  Just get some aviators pretty much anywhere.  The earrings are from Hot Topic.  The necklace is a find from the Geek Boutique at Brave New World Comics.  I found something similar on Etsy.  Buy it here.

This jacket was designed for an Age of Ultron collection sold at Hot Topic by one of the winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show that took place during San Diego Comic Con.  The winners designed such a great collection.  I will feature more of the pieces on RAHNOV soon.  Until then, happy shopping!  Links are below.

Love, Kim and Scout