Fashion Alert: Elhoffer Design

Starting today, you can pre-order this gorgeous Galactic Knight Dress from Elhoffer Design.

All Photos: Elhoffer Design


Katie Elhoffer has designed pieces for We Love Fine as well as Her Universe.  My favorite pieces in my wardrobe were designed by her, so I know this dress will be fashion-forward, nerdy and most of all, well-made.  She also offers her designs in all the sizes!

Pre-order your dress here.

Love, Kim and Scout

2 thoughts on “Fashion Alert: Elhoffer Design”

  1. This is so exciting! We geeked out about her designs in person already, but eeee! I think I’m going to have to pass on this particular design, but I’m hoping to save up for something in the future. Are you planning to pre-order one of these lovelies?


    1. Not this one. I just spent a bunch on a new Cap cosplay from Castle Corsetry. So, I’m holding off for now. Her stuff is so beautiful and subtle. Love it!

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