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Outfit of the Day #10: I Might Even Go Dancing, Part Two

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To continue with club and/or date wear, I went with a couple of new favorite outfits of mine.  The first are some fabulous mermaid leggings from Castle Corsetry.  Get some of your own here.

I’m wearing a XXL.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  Castle Corsetry items are hand made and the attention to detail and the quality really shine through in all of their pieces.  The fabric is shiny, but super soft and stretchy.  Not see-thru at all.  The rise is a natural rise, so leggings stay where they are supposed to.

I like to pair these with a pair or boots and a t-shirt.  Basically, add some fun jewelry and you are good to go on a date or to the club for some dancing or both!

My other new favorite going out on the town outfit is this dress from Living Dead Clothing.  Get it here.

I’m wearing an XL in this dress.  Like other dresses from Living Dead, leggings or biker shorts are needed because their dresses are super short.  They do have some long skater dresses, but most of the dresses are this length. Pair your dress with a pop of color from a leather jacket or cardigan and you are good to go!

Like I said before, I just need to find a date…

Next time, WonderCon recap!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Fashion Alert: Fitness Wear

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Recently two great companies launched geeky themed fitness gear.  Castle Corsetry launched their line a couple of months ago, and Her Universe just launched a line of fitness wear at Kohl’s.

Best news about both of these lines…available in plus sizes!

Here are some highlights from Castle Corsetry’s line:

You’ll notice in one of the photos that yes, they have phone pockets!  Maximum squee!

Castle Corsetry pieces are quality with attention to details paid in full.  The spandex is durable, isn’t see-through, keeps it shape and is super stretchy.  Sizing is true to size, but if you ever have questions, then just shoot them an email.

Order your own fitness gear here.

Her Universe just launched a new line of Marvel-themed fitness gear with Kohls.  Here are some highlights:

All of the pieces are in standard and plus sizes, just like the Castle Corsetry pieces, which is great.  I hate it when the plus size line has a couple of the same pieces, but the rest are different or not even made available.

Her Universe has had some sizing issues in the past, but according to the Kohls size chart, these look pretty true to size.  *Update: I got my order yesterday, and I’m happy to report that all the items are true to size!  Order them here.

Going on a fitness journey is always a heroic endeavor, but with gear that is super-hero themed, your fitness journey will be way more fun, not to mention, cute!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

*Lead photo as well as Castle Corsetry photos from Castle Corsetry

*Her Universe photos of Marvel pieces from Kohls

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Outfit of the Day #9: I Might Even Go Dancing, Part One

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Now that WonderCon 2016 is in the history books, I have to go through all the pics and give you guys a recap.  While I sort through all the information and pictures and such, I thought I would do a couple of Outfit of the Day posts about club wear and date wear.

Photo by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here.


This outfit is all about the warrior in me.  I love this dress so much!  The dress is from Living Dead Clothing, and you can buy it here.

The dress is actually a long-sleeved dress.  I had the sleeves hemmed because I live in California and that is what jackets are for, just sayin.  I’m wearing a XXL in this dress.  I am a size 18/20 for reference.  I can wear their XL dresses and leggings, but anytime I can get a little extra room, I will.

Like all Living Dead Clothing, the spandex is super stretchy and not too see-thru.  The dresses tend to run short, unless you can get the style you like in a long skater.  This dress is not a long skater, so leggings are essential.  In the summer months, I will ditch the leggings for biker shorts and combat boots to complete this look.

Date night or dancing night doesn’t usually require a sword (well, with some of the dates I’ve been on…), so here is my date night look, minus weaponry.


The chain mail inspired necklace is from Forever 21.  I wore this recently to a singles mixer and then dancing at the goth club afterwards.  No wardrobe change required.  It worked great for both events.

Next up, some more club wear and date wear.  Now, to get a date…

Love, Kim and Scout

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Part Two

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Part Two of our adventure to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be all about the wands choosing the witches and our cosplay.  For Part One, click here.

To get your wand, you have to go to Olivander’s, makers of fine wands since 382 BC, which is a long time according to our Wand Master.  You wait in a cue to get into Olivander’s for the ceremony in which one lucky witch or wizard gets to have their wand choose them.  Scout was the chosen lucky witch this time!

Waiting to go into see the Wand Master.

There are wands literally floor to ceiling:


Scout was chosen to have her wand found by the Wand Master.  She was measured and then after a couple of “No, that is not your wand, Dear.” moments, the magick happened:


This, I believe, is your wand my Dear!  Then it was my turn to go into the shop and choose my wand.  I chose a Reed wand and Scout’s is an Ash wand.  There are 12 different kinds of wands, each with different characteristics so you can find a good fit.  You can also buy replica wands for pretty much any character you can think of in the Potterverse.

Our wands and the interactive map.

Each wand comes with an interactive map (some replica wands are not interactive, so ask your wand master when you get there).  The map is a guide to the shop windows in Hogsmeade.  You stand on a gold platform and perform the spell with your wand to make something happen in the shop window.  The wands are an excellent replacement of our cheapy wands that we had been using in our Hufflepuff student cosplays.  Which leads us to our cosplay.

We wore only the uniform dress from Hot Topic to the park because it was an unusually warm day, but for cons, we go all out.  Here are some pics of our cosplay full-on.  Shopping guides below.  Scout is wearing a small in the dress and I’m wearing a 2X.  I am a size 18/20 for reference.  As usual, if you like the cosplay photos, please check out Justin Davidson Photography’s webpage to book him here.

Hogwarts uniform dress from Hot Topic

Robes from Universal Store

We had an amazing time at Hogsmeade/Hogwarts!  Check it out if you are in the LA area! Until next time…Accio, Happiness!


Love, Kim and Scout