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Fashion Alert: New Barbies

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Big news today in toyland.  Mattel announced ahead of the upcoming New York Toy Fair that Barbie dolls will now be available in the original body type and three new body types.  The new body types are: curvy, petite and tall.  This is the biggest change to the doll in its almost 60 year history.  Here is a picture of them in all their wonderful glory:

screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.22.36 am
(Photos by Mattel)

As you can see from the picture, in addition to new body types, the dolls are also available in different races with different hair colors and eye colors to choose from.  This picture is not a complete look at the new dolls.  There are literally dozens of different dolls to choose from now with these changes.

Furthermore, these dolls aren’t “Barbie’s friends”, they are “Barbie”.  Period.  End of story.  This is such great news!  I know she’s a doll, but now she’s a doll that ALL little kids can identify with and enjoy on a whole other level because she looks like them!

Kudos to Mattel for this wonderful change!  Here’s a link to the Mattel shop so you can pre-order a Barbie made in your image for yourself.

Mattel Pre-Order Page

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Outfit of the Day #3

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Our third Outfit of the Day is one of my favorite types of everyday cosplay, what I call the “uniform dress”.  I will write a longer post about the uniform dress and my obsession with it later, but for now let’s focus on this fantastic Black Widow dress from Here are a couple of pictures we took with props because basically we’re a couple of goobers with a selfie stick and we’re not afraid to use it!


Here are some pics showing the dress in more detail:


There are a lot of details on this dress from the stingers on the long sleeves to the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the sleeve.

20160116_125401 (1)

Scout is wearing a small and I’m wearing a 3X.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  I can usually pull off a 2X in dresses like these, but I also prefer a little breathing room if they make the dress in a larger size.  The fit is comfortable, and I really like the length.  It isn’t super short, so you don’t have to wear leggings with it.  All in all, for the price, it’s pretty bad-ass!



One thing to remember with this type of dress, make sure you wash it inside out to keep the design on the dress for as long as possible and wash in cold water.  I never dry mine in the dryer either.  This will shrink in a major way in the dryer.  Also be ready for little cracks to appear in the design.  The design is printed on the fabric, not woven in.

Basically, it is a fun casual or everyday cosplay dress to add to your wardrobe for cosplay parties and cons.

You can get one of your own here: 

The prop guns are from Disgruntled Veteran on Etsy.  He is amazing at making convention safe and approved props.

Buy them here:

Shield is a lucky find at a con, but I found one that is similar here:

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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Fashion Alert- The Disney Store

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I was at The Disney Store yesterday and they have Star Wars and Marvel t-shirts in ladies’ sizes up to 2XL!  They have a variety of styles, a few are pictured here:

all shirts

Not one mention of a superhero saving you or a superhero husband or boyfriend in the bunch either, which is refreshing.  I snagged a couple of these.  I have been looking for a ladies Cap Shield t-shirt for basically forever.  I’m wearing a 2XL.  It is fitted, but not overly tight.  The sleeves are just right and don’t ride up.  I love the neckline that is lower and bears no resemblance to a guy’s shirt.  This is a ladies t-shirt and looks it.  I do wish it were a little longer for taller ladies and if you want to wear it with leggings, but hey, ladies nerd shirts that are sized for all of us!  I’ll take it.  Here’s how I styled mine today:

jacketno jacket

I wore my brown leather jacket because as you all know, Cap is never without his brown leather jacket!  Jacket is from Lane Bryant.

Here is the link to the shirt:

I paired this with skinny jeans from the Rebel Wilson collection for Torrid.  Here are close-ups of my accessories:

belt bucklebelt detailjewelry

The earrings are from Hot Topic and the necklace from Stella and Dot.  The belt is by Buckle Down.  Links to shopping below.  Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

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